The Hope of Erethor

Into Ibon-Sul

Deals with Deamons


100 LA, Arc of Halail 19

The Heroes sat in council with Suruliam and her peers under the great Cyprus tree known as Echo’s Gate. The great druid congratulated the party for their remarkable success against Vrolk and his acurssed Obsidian Spire.

Whilst sitting in council and discussing the vicotry, Co’ree entered the council and landed softly on Suruliam‘s shoulder. The druid listened intently then looked to the Heroes and spoke. "The legate and her orc soldiers have, indeed found their way to Ibon Sul. How they learned its location is unknown to me. But their ambition will be their downfall. Co’Ree and his leapers have followed their trail through the Aruun Jungle. We now know the way through. You mentioned that it was your desire that you’d enter this forbidden city. You know already the opinion of Aradil – that you should not enter this place. I will give you my own council too – I fear you’ll succeed. Yes, I fear it. The artifacts you seek may be our undoing. A key that opens a long locked gate into the depths of Stone Deep? A realm known to be as demon-haunted as Ibon-sul? But I see you are adamant. I am not going to urge you to stop. You’ve achieved more in a year that we’ve achieved in a hundred. Go. Take what supplies you need. We will do everything in our power to aid you in this quest. Though I will have much to explain at the Council of the Throne and to the Queen herself…."

Co’Ree lept onto the shoulder of Kreel to serve as aid and guide on their journey.

The Heroes left Surruliam and equipped themselves as best they could. After going through the trackless jungle for fully thrity seven days of travel, the Heroes came to the edge of the great city of Ibon-Sul.

Much of the city was drowned, the waters and shape of the land likely altered by the great Sundering of ages past. Here now, among the first mortal beings in three ages approach the city, once a centre of the Altherean race’s culture and magic.

While investigating a tower, the heroes heard chanting in a nearby building. Though quick, they were not quick enough. The female, Sarcossan legate and her four Orc Elite guards had completed their prayer (and descation of the temple). They were not to outlive the day however, as the heroes dispatched them with ease and took from the fallen legate a contract written in blood on the skin of a Danisil elf. It read:

To the Master in Grey,

It is by my will, the will of Xarudulex – Lord of Ibon Sul and of the Violet Citadel – that an alliance between our forces be made.

Our terms are simple: free us from the glphs of Ibon Sul!

Our responsibility is equally simple: slay the Danisil and enslave them then drive upward over their corpses while you press down into Erethor from the North.

Upon the fulfillment of your terms, we will fulfill ours – as is our will and desire!

Death and slavery for the Fey! Misery and servitude for the Humans! Extinction for the Dwarves!

I shall lead the Demons into Caradul and make Aradil my footstool. I will slay her, and make her body a trophy, nailing it to her own great Tree! The forests shall fade and the land itself will sicken and grow putrid with the flood of Fey Blood our deal shall bring!

Free us!

An enormous thumb print in blood stains the bottom of the document, beside it, a red-wax seal bearing the sigil of Izarador. is stamped onto the leather document.

The heros investigated the rest of the ruin, hoping to avoid being flanked from behind. Though they were wise to take such precautions , even these battle-hardened veterans could not be ready for the trickery of the demons. The heroes split the party, half of them entered a building submereged in the stagnant waters of Ibon Sul. The other half waited on shore. At this precise moment, four Babau demons teleported into the small building and began to flank their foes, driving their claws deeply into the Heroes’ backs. It was hard to move in this five foot deep water and so the battle was treacherous and escape, difficult. More Babaus appeared, called by their bretheren. Finally, the last Babau was slain. The heroes learned a valuable lesson that afternoon – the treachery of demons is far beyond that of the mindless orcs!

The heroes reached an arch of stone, at its centre on a small colum, a purple flame burned. One by one the heroes touched the flame and found themselves swept high into the air, landing some three hundred feet from the archway, elevated onto sheer cliffs of a strangely glowing purple stone. This ruin was indeed, the violet, Daemon Citadel.

A disemobodied voice mocked them while three Vrock made futile attemps at summoning other demons to their aid. The Heroes took advantage of this failure and made their way to tactical postions, stimied by the high platforms of their foes and the debris covered terrain that filled the central square of the old citadel.

The Vrock danced and wailed, three of them in a circle. How strange and terrifying to see demons delight. Mystified and frustrated the heroes waited for their foes to engage them but an evil force swept from the centre of the ring of Vrocks and shuddered outward, rippling and crackling in the air like an expanding globe of evil. The power of sin and ruin filled the heroes, some escaped the power of the Vrock’s danec while others took the full brunt, unable to defned themselves from the vulgar strength of their foe.

The Vrocks, confident of victory swept in, meeting the Heroes in melee. It looked like the end of the Heroes until a single Vrock was finally slain. With this demon’s death, the death of the others quickly followed.

Enraged, the self-appointed master of the Citadel appeared. Xarudulex Lord of Ibon Sul and of the Violet Citadel – a Glabrezu – a creature of malevolence and chaos 5,500 pounds of pure evil!

Furious that his lietenants had been slain, Xarudulex walked across one of the high stone bridges of the citadel. Here, Sparrow saw an opportunity. His covenant weapons, weapons he holds to be more important than even his own life, were used to their full effect. Casting Shatter from his blade, the elfling targeted the keystone of the bridge. Xarudulex unable to fly and caught off guard fell fifty feet from the bridge and landed hard on the bare stone. Now unable to choose the terrain for his final stand, the great demon clawed his way up the side of the citadel and was stuck in a corner. Kendra took full advantage and tripped the great creature. The once mighty demon was humilated and beaten on all sides – but even now he was not helpless. His many attacks were terrifying, even from this positon and very nearly killed Kendra for her boldness!

The demon died, its huge carcass lay dead in the purple stones of the ruin.

The Heroes, having destroyed the guardians of the citadel entered its treasury. There they saw it – the great shell and beneath a nearby throne, the key to the lower reaches of Stone Deep.

Half dead but victorious, the Heroes pondered their next move.
End date: 100 LA, Arc of Zimra, 22.



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