The Hope of Erethor

Of Blood and Daemons

The Jungle Path to Stone Deep

Bog hag

The Journey South
99 LA, Arc of Sutara, 22

Having sent Sula and her Wildlanders back to Caradul with Mahogin and Aelgar, the Heroes moved steadily South. En route, the New Year came to the lands of Eredane, and on the eve of the first of Shareel, beneath the new moon, an ambush unfolded. The Heroes survived, but just barely. Pursing an Orc and goblin who escaped the battle, the Heroes learned much about the mysterious figure known as The Master in Grey.

100 LA, Arc of Shareel, 6

Lord Dashtir, famous general of the Elf nation, led his troops through Erethor he met briefly with the Heroes and discussed the need to defend Three Oaks from the coming tide of Commander Jorg Kinslayer’s troops.

Druid’s Swamp
100 LA, Arc of Shareel, 8
The Heroes received a warm welcome from the Arch-Druid Breoul and his comrade Rolarr upon arriving in the Hamlet of Druid’s Swamp. Healing those who required it, Breoul encouraged the Heroes to rest. Yihil insisted that a war council be convened to share news of a new threat, recently uncovered by the Heroes’ recent destruction of Camp Blackshard.

Yihil explained that a new, dreadful menace was hidden by the Darkening Wood that has only now been seen. Ossion will go to investigate this terror that lies beyond the Dead Marshes.

The Heroes traded much of their gear with Eridon and her beautiful though willful apprentice Sue-Cora.

Before leaving Druid’s Swamp, the Heroes sought the council of the two seers, Dustel Terk a Whisper Adept who can see the past, and Criagth Galeck a Whisper Adept who can give limited and conditional glimpses into the future. Much of Craigth’s visions were predicated on two factors: the Heroes success in undoing the evil beyond the Dead Marshes, and Lord Dashtir’s military victory at Three Oaks. If either of these two matters failed to come to pass, his visions were, by his own admission, of no reliability whatsoever.

Up the Mountainside
100 LA, Arc of Shareel 9

The Heroes departed the Hamlet and made their way up toward Stone Deep. They had been warned of daemons in the jungles. They’d also been warned of some dark evil rising. Infant Danisil had been kidnapped in droves as had nine elf sisters. Yihil feared that a sacrifice was in the offing to free a daemon long locked away.

Guided by Co’ree, an intelligent Leaper and aid to Breoul, the Heroes were led toward Stone Deep’s known entrance.

En route, Kreel and Co’ree felt a malign influence in the Whispering Wood and had to fight off thoughts of betraying their own party members. It was at this moment too that the Heroes able to hear the Whisper learned the dreadful news that both Aelgar and Mahogin were dead.

At this moment of woe, the Heroes were attacked by highly organized and motivated Garillon, Displacer Beast, and a Displacer Beast Pack Lord.

White Mother’s Son
100 LA, Arc of Shareel 20

After healing and camping, the Heroes ascended the mountain. Here they met White Mother’s Son a peaceful though unstable Orc. He claimed to be a deserter from a party of Legates and Orcs sent to liaise with Demons in Ibon-Sul. For reasons unknown, the emissaries came to Stone Deep. Here, they attacked the Arunath Giant and were killed, apparently, to a man.

White Mother’s Son claimed that he received a vision from the White Mother that she was trapped in the heart of Stone Deep and that she needed him to free her.

The Orc also informed the Heroes of the location of the Circle of Standing Stones where the fell Giant lived. White Mother’s Son had heard elves screaming and infants crying in the circle and warned the Heroes of grave dangers at the deserted temple.

Battle of the Standing Stones
The Heroes encountered beautiful, Danisil elf sisters, apparently tied up and terrified. The sisters warned the Heroes that the Danisil infants were being sacrificed at the foot of a great tree. The Heroes rushed to aid the Infants only to discover the sisters were in fact, Bog Hags using a glamour to change their appearance.

The Dark Tree was, indeed, preparing to ingest the Danisil infants. The Heroes, through use of fire and sheer will, destroyed the Dark Tree in record time. As the tree died, the sounds of stone on stone could be heard. The Aruun Giant emerged from the fog and joined battle, slaying some of the Bog Hags. The Heroes have gained a powerful ally in this ancient Giant.

Co’ree the Leaper and his tribe promised to take the Infants back to Druid’s Swamp to be reunited with their families.

The Heroes heard tell of a nearby gateway that will lead them into the very heart of the once great Alethar kingdom of Stone Deep.



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