The Hope of Erethor

The Fell Court of the Last Queen


Start date: LA 100, 26 Arc of Hisha

As the heroes emerged from the temple complex at Wylar Nothas with the Standard of Erenland in hand, Connor Al Siad greeted them:

“By the Sahi and the Weal! Blessings be upon you!” the voice sounded from a shadowy corner of the temple ruin. Connor Al-Siad, Warden of Erenland stood before them. at his side stood a silent, grim figure. “The stars themselves could not be more true in their course than you, my admirable friends.” Turning to his brethren, he continues, “I told you, they are worthy. They are what we have been waiting for. The secrets of our Order must be shared with those who are sent by the stars. There is no question!

“Ward-Brother, lead them to the Wood of Starry Hope. The ruin we have long observed must now be taken by storm! You seek the Wings of the Griffon? We are certain that robe is hidden within the cavern. It is a tale of woe that I tell you know. Woe and anguish, but listen, if you would find the true heir to the land!

“One hundred years ago, the last true Queen fled her husband’s side. Not from disloyalty, but from fear. She held, wrapped in the Wings of the Griffon, her child. A miracle child, for she bore him at the age of fifty. All the people rejoiced that this late birth was a sign that the kingdom of Erenland would not fall to the Shadow. And so she fled with her entourage, seeing the her husband’s death on the battle field.

“As she fled, she and her entourage took shelter in a cave. Little did she know, the cave had one entrance and one exit only. Finding her hiding place by means we can never know, the great lich, Sunulael bid his servants not slay the Queen, but burry her and her entourage alive. Knowing they would rise again as the Fell after starving to death. Imagine the Queen’s anguish, as she watched her infant son torn from her hands, and his swaddling clothes, the Wings of the Griffon, let behind for her to meditate on during her dying hours. This is what we know. The cave is in the Wood of Starry Hope. Get there, defeat the guardians assigned to the cavern’s entrance, and find the Wings of the Griffon. May the Stars remain true and may my Ward-Brother prove an able guide.

After a long journey, the Heroes arrived at the Woods of Starry Hope. An enormous crag some forty feet tall stands at the wood’s heart.

The crag at the woods’ heart looks like mound of smashed stone. The uneven surface of the forty foot hill is cut into uneven. Atop the crag is a natural cave entrance filled in with boulders. It wasn’t long before the preternatural guardians of the entrance appeared. Three Ice Devils, let here as eternal guardians of the tomb, fought to destroy the Heroes. Through sheer will and good fortune, the heroes prevailed!

Their victory allowed them to climb downward 70 feet through a natural chimney into the subterreanean lair of the Queen.

Entering the cavern, they heard a dreadful hymn. Sung in a raspy voice, the lyrics of the once sacred song were desecrated, each verse changing from the common tongue to infernal. Three powerfully built, armoured warriors stare forward as awaiting the heroes. Each of them wore a gold and crimson tabard with the symbol of the Griffon upon it. These men were among the last loyal Erenlanders ever to see the true heir and the queen mother alive.

The song they sing is as follows:

“Behold the setting of the sun,

so comes the ending of the day,

In shadow still our virtue run,

through our dauntless, mortal veins.”

Destroying the guardians, the Heroes venture forth into the final chamber. Here, sitting on a primative throne of bone and rubble, sat the last queen of Erenland. Beside her, a tiny throne with the Wings of the Giffon atop it.

The Fell Court was guarded by an enormous Devourer and a wide gash of a crevass bewteen the queen and the heroes. Though her magics were immensely powerful, the Heroes proved too much for her. Destorying the last queen and her guardian, the Heroes took the Wings of the Griffon as their prize and left the foul Tomb.

They await their next move. According the Wardens of Erenland they must seek the Freerider of the south, Kalil Al-Asham, the “Black lance” in the nearby town of Hope.

End Date: LA 100, 12 Arc of Sutara



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