The Hope of Erethor

Wylar Nothas - temporal temple


LA 100, 1 Arc of Hisha (return to Caradul via “The Old Ways”)

The Heroes of Erethor were tasked by the Council of the Throne to rush to Wylar Nothas, an abandoned temple dedicated to the Old Gods. This ruin was rumoured to be a meeting place for the Wardens of Erenland – a chivalric order devoted to the rightful heir to the throne of Erenland.

Ressial has interpreted the book of Shandring’s Gambit. In his estimation, there are three artifacts of the Erenalnders that must be found: The Banner of Erenland, the Wings of the Griffon, and the Crown of the King.

Upon setting out, Valana and Vala’im parted ways with the Heroes of Erethor. They have work to attend to in their Dawrf-holds in the east. Replacing them, is Aleah, an Elven Channeler, and Lars-Urs, a human Channeler. Both of these new heroes are vouched for by members of the Council of the Throne.

Fleeing south-east, the Heroes of Erethor found their way to Wylar Nothas. A squardron of burning, giant skeletons wandered mindlessly around the ruin. Using a ruse, the Heroes distracted the mindless giants and bypassed them. When looking for an entrance, they heroes were met by an Erenalnder named Connor Al Siad. He identified himself as a Warden of Erenland and, hearing their mission, informed them that his brother-knight had stolen the Banner of Erenland and hidden it in the temple complex below. But Connor warned the Heroes that his brother Knight did not come out alive!

Taking this warning seriously, the Heroes entered the ruined complex. Strange were the events within the complex. Time itself fluctuated, shifting from present to past when the Heroes did certain actions in specific rooms. Among the most important discoveries they made was the star-altar. Using a relic from the past (a stone carved in the shape of a star), the Heroes placed the relic onto an indentation in the altar. This action whisked them back through time and allowed them to speak directly to the Divine Spark. The Divine Spark has knowledge of the Past and Present, and was therefore unaffected by the temporal shift, allowing the Divine Spark to speak knowledgeably about the past and the present. This ability to commune with a member of the Divine Weal is of immense import!

The Spark revealed that it too, believes Ressial’s reading of the Prophecy. When the True King is back upon his throne, the Divine Spark will take action. Until then, the Divine Spark remains encased in amethyst stone, guarded by the angels Anuviel and Solarien.

The Heroes took up the challenge, went into a time-hidden room and fought with a Time Dragon. While in the past, they were able to access an otherwise ruined section of a deep pool. They also found the body of the knight who’d brought the Banner to the past to protect it. Alas, he could not protect himself.

The Heroes have emerged from the ruin of Wylar Nothas and seek Connor Al Siad, hoping for guidance on their quest.

End Date: LA 100, 26 Arc of Hisha



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