Former Counsl to the Witch Queen


Aelgar was a trusted member of the Council of the Throne. When his son was taken prisoner, Aelgar beseeched Aradil to send a rescue party. She refused, citing graver dangers and strategic prerequisites.

Aelgar took out his dagger and cut the strings of his son’s lyre. The lyre his son had long delighted the elves with. Aelgar removed his arrows from his quiver and snapped them all, saying they were worthless if he could not even fight for his own son.

He left Caradul on a mission to find his son.

His seat is still vacant at the Council of the Throne. The Lyre and broken arrows are gathered on and around the seat in remembrance of the great Elf warrior and the grief which is the price paid for freedom.

After encountering the Heroes and Mahogin in the Darkening Wood Aelgar began to change his tune. Mahogin’s ritual spell, a poem written by Mahogin in conjunction with the Heroes themselves, was enough to override the power of Aelgar’s dead son’s song, thus breaking the thrall of the Black Shard and easing the power of Gloom within the Darkening Wood. The rescued Druid and Wildlanders led by Sula were diseased and requested aid to return home to Aradil. Aelgar and Mahogin volunteered to bring these weakened elves home.

En route to Caradul Aelgar and Mahogin were ambushed at night by parties unknown. Sula and the others, being too weak to assist were left behind to fend for themselves. Sula and those whom survived informed Aradil of the treachery. Soon afterword, it became known throughout Caradul that Aelgar and Mahogin were killed.

In their new form as Fell, Aelgar and Mahogin under the control of the Cadaverous Eye, were provisioned with troops and magic enough to rebuild Camp Blackshard. These actions sent the Whispering Wood into a second, deeper darkness. The Heroes were tasked by Lord Dashtir to destroy this threat once and for all.

After a long and dreadful battle, Aelgar, Mahogin, Aelgar’s son and their Fell Ork and Oruk warriors were at last defeated. The Black Shard was utterly destroyed, and its ashes were scattered as were the ashes of the tragic elven heroes whose destiny it was to become enthralled by the Cadaverous Eye.


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