Criagth Galeck

Seer of the Druid's Swamp - he who glimpses the future


Craigth Galeck is a rogue whisper adept who had given up the fight against the forces of the Night Kings, resigning himself to a life of quiet meditation in a hidden grove. During his meditations he began to hear the quiet roar of the Whisper, and it was almost as if the voices were speaking directly to him. He could see orcs on the edges of the Great Forest, smell the blood of his brothers, and hear the anguished cries of all those who fell under an orcish vardatch or arrow. He did not know what all this meant, why he had been chosen to see these visions, but he had committed himself to a life of meditation and he would not be deterred. The Witch Queen took notice of this exile and she was immediately intrigued. Here was one who had turned his back on the elves, yet his ability to see the conflict that took place in Erethor clearly meant that his heart was still with his kin. Soon she came to realize that what he saw was not the present, but the future. With this revelation Aradil began to speak with Craigth, attempting to convince him to help aid the elves in their cause. At first he resisted out of shame at his cowardly actions, but soon he saw this new power as a way to redeem himself for the mistakes of his past. Now from his seclusion Craigth uses his gift to aid the elves, predicting the outcome of military maneuvers and closely watching the orc armies that skirt the edges of Erethor.


Criagth Galeck

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