Dustel Terk

Seer of the Druid's Swamp - he who sees the past


This wood elf seems to walk as if there was a great weight on him. His eyes are deep-set in his head and even his breath is laboured. Every time his gaze wanders across a vista or to the horizon, it is as if he can se the ravages of history. This is simply because he can. Dustel attempted to be one of the High Courts scribes but failed several crucial final tests. After recovering from the failure, he became a Druid, and later a whisper adept. The Whisper chose to show him not the future of even the present, but the past. The trees breath their history to him. The secrets of the ages are Dustel’s to see with every step through the forest. He knows where a Caransil breathed her last, falling under the piecering wounds of orc arrows. He sees the glories of the past ages and their tragedies. These epic histories are evident in his face, which is also shadowed and rife with emotion.

Recently, an ancient text from the First Age has come into the Heroes possession. This text outlines much about the Cadaverous Eye, but also hints about other great, ancient mysteries, most important of all, Ibon-Sul This ancient knowledge may aid Dustel in finding the actual location of this lost city.


Dustel Terk

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