The Shadow in the North - the Great Enemy - the Fallen god - Evil Incarnate.


In the first days of Prehistory and the Time of Years there was a war in the heavens. Izrador, the god of corruption and pure Evil fought the gods of Light. He lost the war, so the gods punished him by banishing him to Eredane for all eternity. But, as Izrador fell, he managed to create a field, known as the the Veil of Izrador, around the world. The Veil prevents the other gods from influencing the land and from allowing the spirits of the dead to go to the dimensions of the afterlife.

Izrador lay broken in the far North but soon began to regain his powers. For three ages he waited and gathered his strength – corrupting those who would listen to his lies. The last battle was won by Izrador during the Third Age. This victory closed that chapter of history and began what is known dismally as the Last Age. Izrador’s temples mar the landscape of Eredane where he holds sway. His evil priests the Legates are his servants, seeking to fulfill their god’s malign and often inscrutable desires.

It has been 100 years since the Shadow fell…



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