Lord Dashtir

Elf Commander in the East


Lord Dashtir, known as the Silver Beacon, is the commander of the Elven defense in the East and South. An Erunsil, he is the only non-Caransil to command forces in Erethor, he is revered as for his courage and military strategy. Never shying from the most dreadful foe, Lord Dashtir is an inspiration to the Elven people and a bane to the forces of Jahzir.

Lately, Dashtir has come to respect the Heroes for their remarkable deeds and unwavering loyalty to the cause. Not only did the Heroes save the life of Captain Saroula in the heat of battle, the Heroes also slew a dreaded Shadow Dragon. While the Heroes were away at Camp Blackshard putting an end to the Darkening Wood, Lord Dashtir was injured greviously in battle against the forces of Kulos the Exonerated. The destruction of the Cadaverous Eye within the Obsidian Spire threw the forces of Kulos into disarray, thus saving Three Oaks from being overrun, and also saving Dashtir from certain death.


Lord Dashtir

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