Chief Priest of the Order of Truth


Character Name: The Voice of Ressial
Alignment: unknown
Race/Size: Dorn/Medium
Heroic Path: unknown
Gender: Male
Age: over 125
Height: 6’3’’ (but bent over due to age)
Weight: 145
Eye: Blue
Hair: White
Homeland: unknown
|Class: unknown|Level:?|


Known as the “Voice of Ressial”, this Holy Man is held in high regard by the Elves of Caradul. He is the Chief Priest of the Order of Truth and is found praying in the Temple of Truth which is spiritually and physically linked to the Elder Tree.

Little is known about Ressial himself. The Elves have witnessed many take on the mantle of “Voice of Ressial” and have wondered secretly why it is that only a human can be chosen to fulfill this role. Moreover, why a human of such extreme old age?

Myths surrounding the Voice of Ressial are many. There are those who say that he cannot tread beyond the shadows cast by the Elder Tree’s boughs. Others have observed that the Voice of Ressial can only speak in riddles or blank verse. Still others claim that the Voice of Ressial is a vestigial possession of some long lost Celestial being.

In short, the Voice of Ressial is certainly thought to be linked to the Elder Tree and to the Celestial Wael, but none, save Aradil herself know more than this.


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