Elfling rogue with a quick wit and quicker blades



Character Name: Sparrow
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race/Size: Elfling / Small
Class(es): Rogue 9 / Fighter 3
Hit Points: 111
Heroic Path: Chanceborn
Traits: Friendly, outgoing, chatty
Sex: Male
Age: 42
Height: 4’4"
Weight: 69 lbs
Eye: Blue
Hair: Black
Homeland: Erenland, City of Sharuun

Description: Black pin-straight hair, startlingly sapphire-blue eyes, and the dusky complexion indicative of a life lived outdoors. Though his ears are not as pointed as one would expect he otherwise looks every bit the typical elf, though this owes a great deal to his dress and conscious effort to comport himself properly. With a simple change in mannerisms he can just as easily pass for a human youth, a guise both he and his sister adopted for protection on the streets of Sharuun.


Strength: 12 (modifier: +1)
Dexterity: 24 (modifier: +7)
Constitution: 16 (modifier: +3)
Intelligence: 16 (modifier: +3)
Wisdom: 11 (modifier: —)
Charisma: 13 (modifier: +1)

Saving Throws

Fortitude (CON) Total Save: +10 Base Save: +6 Abil. Mod. +3 Magic. Mod. — Size: +1
Reflex (DEX) Total Save: +14 Base Save: +7 Abil. Mod. +6 Magic. Mod. — Size: +1
Willpower (WIS) Total Save: +5 Base Save: +4 Abil. Mod. — Magic. Mod. — Size: +1
Damage Resistance: 1 Spell Resistance: 0 Spell Energy: 0


Total: +10 Dex: +6 Improved Initiative: +4

Armour Class

Total: 23 Touch AC: 19 Flat Footed: 23
Armour Bonus: 4 Dex. Mod: 6 Size Mod: 1 Enchanted Bracers: 2
Chain Shirt AC: 4 Max DEX Bonus: 6 Check Penalty: — Spell Fail:10% Speed: 30’ Notes: Aletherian Mithral


Total Bonus: +11 Ability Mod: +1 Size Mod: +1 Base Attack Bonus: +9
Finesse Weapons: +16 Ability Mod: +6 Size Mod: +1 Base Attack Bonus: +9
Silence To Hit: +18/13 Damage: 1d6+10 Critical: 19-20/x3 Type/Size: S/P Notes: Weapon Finesse, Silence 1/day, main hand
Fury To Hit: +18/13 Damage: 1d6+6 Critical: 19-20/x3 Type/Size: S/P Notes: Weapon Finesse, Shatter 1/day, off hand
Atharak Total Attack Bonus: +16/11 Damage: 1d4+7 Critical: x2 Type/Size: B/S Reach: 10’ Notes: Weapon Finesse
Dagger Total Attack Bonus: +16/11 Damage: 1d3+7 Critical: 19-20/x2 Type/Size PS/S Reach: — Notes: Matched Pair, Small, Silver, Masterwork


Total Bonus: +16 Ability Mod: +6 Size Mod: +1 Base Attack Bonus: +8
Short Bow Total Attack Bonus: +16/11 Damage: 1d6 Critical: x3 Type/Size: P/M Range: 60’ Notes: from Kreel
Dagger Total Attack Bonus: +16/11 Damage: 1d3+1 Critical: 19-20/x2 Type/Size: P/S Range: 10’ Notes: Thrown
Bolas Total Attack Bonus: +12/7 Damage: 1d3+1 Critical: x2 Type/Size: B/S Range: 10’ Notes: Non-proficient; Can make ranged trip attempts


  • Potion: Detect Truth
  • Potion: Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+5)
  • Erethor Tea (1 lb)


Listen: +10 Search: +19 Spot: +12


■ Appraise Total: +3 INT Ranks: — Ability Mod: 3
■ Balance Total: +16 DEX Ranks: 8 Ability Mod: 6 Synergy: 2
■ Bluff Total: +7 CHA Ranks: 6 Ability Mod: 1
■ Climb Total: +16 STR Ranks: 13 Ability Mod: 1 Race: 2
□ Concentration Total: +3 CON Ranks: — Ability Mod: 3
■ Craft: Any Total: +3 INT Ranks: — Ability Mod: 3
Decipher Script
■ Diplomacy Total: +3 CHA Ranks: — Ability Mod: 1 Synergy: 2
■ Disable Device Total: +11 INT Ranks: 8 Ability Mod: 3
■ Disguise Total: +10 CHA Ranks: 7 Ability Mod: 1 Synergy: 2
■ Escape Artist Total: +8 DEX Ranks: 2 Ability Mod: 6
■ Forgery Total: +3 INT Ranks: — Ability Mod: 3
■ Gather Information Total: +6 CHA Ranks: 5 Ability Mod: 1
□ Handle Animal Total: +1 CHA Ranks: — Ability Mod: 1
□ Heal Total: +2 WIS Ranks: — Ability Mod: — Race: 2
■ Hide Total: +35 DEX Ranks: 13 Ability Mod: 6 Race: 2 Size: 4 Cloak: 10
■ Intimidate Total: +3 CHA Ranks: — Ability Mod: 1 Synergy: 2
■ Jump Total: +17 STR Ranks: 14 Ability Mod: 1 Synergy: 2
■ Knowledge: Shadow Total: +4 INT Ranks: 1: Ability Mod: 3
■ Listen Total: +10 WIS Ranks: 8 Ability Mod: — Race: 2
■ Move Silently Total: +18 DEX Ranks: 12 Ability Mod: 6
■ Open Lock Total: +13 DEX Ranks: 7 Ability Mod: 6
■ Perform: Any Total: +1 CHA Ranks: 1 Ability Mod: 1
■ Profession: Total: 0 WIS Ranks: — Ability Mod: —
□ Ride Total: +7 DEX Ranks: 1 Ability Mod: 6
■ Search Total: +18 INT Ranks: 13 Ability Mod: 3 Race: 2
■ Sense Motive Total: +0 WIS Ranks: — Ability Mod: —
■ Sleight of Hand Total: +16 DEX Ranks: 10 Ability Mod: 6
■ Spot Total: +12 WIS Ranks: 10 Ability Mod: — Race: 2
■ Swim Total: +4 STR Ranks: 3 Ability Mod: 1
■ Tumble Total: +16 DEX Ranks:10 Ability Mod: 6
Use Magic Device
□ Use Rope Total: +6 DEX Ranks: — Ability Mod: 6

Skills markedare class skills.
Skills markedare untrained or from other class levels.


□ Erenlander (3)
■ Halfling (2)
■ Jungle Mouth (1)
■ Orcish (1)
■ Trade Tongue (2)
□ High Elven (3)
❖ Snow Elf Patrol Sign (1)

Languages markedare spoken only.
Languages markedare both spoken and written.
Languages markedare non-verbal.


  • Innate Magic: cast three 0-level channeler spells daily (Acid Splash, Cure Minor Wounds, Mage Hand)
  • Weapon Finesse: use DEX in place of STR for attack bonus on certain weapons
  • Two Weapon Fighting: penalties for fighting with two weapons reduced (-2/-2)
  • Craven: -2 vs. Fear saves; add level to Sneak Attack Damage
  • Clever Fighting: use DEX in place of STR for damage bonus on certain weapons
  • Canny Strike: add 1d4 per point of INT bonus to damage rolls (3d4 total)
  • Telling Blow: add Sneak Attack damage to critical hits

Covenant Weapons

  • Shatter: (as spell) 125’ range, 10d6 damage, 1/day
  • Silence: (as spell) 20’ radius centred on me, 1/day
  • Improved Two Weapon Fighting: (as feat) additional off-hand attack with a further -5 to hit

Chanceborn Heroic Path

1. Luck of Heroes (1d4) 6. Survivor (1/day) 11. Survivor (2/day) 16. Survivor (3/day)
2. Resistance (1/day) 7. True Strike (1/day) 12. Aid (1/day) 17. Prayer (1/day)
3. Unfettered (1 rnd/day) 8. Unfettered (2 rnd/day) 13. Unfettered (3 rnd/day) 18. Unfettered (4 rnd/day)
4. Miss Chance (5%) 9. Take 10 (1/day) 14. Miss Chance (10%) 19. Take 20 (1/day)
5. Luck of Heroes (1d6) 10. Luck of Heroes (+1d8) 15. Luck of Heroes (+1d10) 20. Luck of Heroes (+1d12)

Racial Abilities

  • +4 DEX, -2 STR, -2 CON
  • Small: +1 AC, +1 Attack Bonus, +4 Hide, ¾ Carrying Capacity, Small Weapons
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Natural Channeler (Innate Magic Feat)
  • +1 to Saving Throws
  • +2 to Climb, Heal, Hide, Listen, Search, and Spot
  • Elf and Halfling Blood
  • Halfling Lance and Atharak Racial Weapons
  • Wogren Mount (¼ cost)

Class Abilities

  • Sneak Attack (+4d6)
  • Death’s Ruin (½ Sneak Attack damage to undead)
  • Evasion
  • Trapfinding
  • Uncanny Dodge
  • +10’ to Base Movement

Lifting and Carrying Capacity

Light Load: 32 lbs Medium Load: 64 lbs Heavy Load: 96 lbs
Lift over head: 96 lbs Lift off ground: 192 lbs Push or Drag: 288 lbs


On person Weight
Aletherian Mithral Chain Shirt 6¼ lbs
Silence & Fury 2 lbs
Cloak of the Lady ½ lbs
Atharak 2 lbs
Mithril Shortword ½ lbs
Silver Daggers (2) 1 lbs
Bolas 1 lbs
Shortbow 2 lbs
Arrows (10) ¾ lbs
Arrows, Silver (10) ¾ lbs
Thieves Tools 1 lbs
Pouch (2) ½ lbs
Waterskin 2 lbs
Family Ring (given to Vala’im)
Gems (25)
Gems, Perfect (6)
Gold Pieces (35)
Erethor Tea 1 lbs
Torch (1, with Heartstone) 1½ lbs
Rope, Silk 5 lbs
Grappling Hook 4 lbs
Total weight of equipment: 31¾ lbs
On Mount Weight
Pack 2 lbs
Torch (9) 9 lbs
Rations (3 days) 1½ lbs
Clay Tankard 1 lbs
Arrows (10) ¾ lbs
Arrows, Silver (10) ¾ lbs
Total weight of equipment: 15 lbs



Sparrow appears to be quite naive to the point of childlike wonder at times. He is immensely curious and has a tendency to talk and question incessantly which often leads others to divulge more than they might otherwise intend simply to keep up with the conversation.

Despite this apparent naiveté Sparrow has demonstrated a seething hatred – almost to the point of cruelty – towards minions of the shadow. While he takes no joy in inflicting suffering for it’s own sake he does not shy away from such odious tasks as torture or murder should they be necessary to hasten Izrador’s downfall. Those who have seen this dark side wonder if the innocence and naiveté is not merely an affectation.

Sparrow has a very clear-cut and unambiguous view of morality. Good is good, evil is evil, and that’s all there is to it. However he is also painfully aware that “Good” is not the same thing as “nice” and that the defeat of evil requires both sacrifice and the commission of many dark and unpleasant tasks.

Despite all this, Sparrow is ultimately a hopeful individual. He finds it difficult to remain as guarded as he should and despite all that he has endured his inclination is still to trust others.

Sparrow has disowned his mother and the halfling side of his heritage. As far as he is concerned he is a Luiniel Elf and that’s that. He is obsessed with elven culture and history and trying to become to best elf he can be.

He is also obsessed with finding his elven father whom he has never met. For years had believed his father to be dead but has recently discovered this is not the case. Armed only with a name and an old family ring Sparrow set out to find the truth which lead him to his meeting with Kreel and put him on his current path as an unlikely hero.

What Sparrow has found most surprising is the unexpected friends and allies he has made. Valana is the first dwarf he’s ever met and she is, much to his delight, every bit the gruff and burly warrior he’d hoped for. Vala’im on the other hand – whom Sparrow affectionately nicknamed “Beast” – is something else entirely. He’d not known that other half-breeds like him existed and the two have become quite close. Sparrow playfully teases the Beast about not being too bright and always thinking with his muscles but in truth sees him almost like a surrogate brother.

Sparrow is fiercly loyal to his friends, almost to the point of devotion. One of the hardest things he has learned, and with which he is still trying to come to terms, is that the goal of defeating the Shadow may mean leaving an ally to die in order to achieve an objective, something that conflicts with his instinct to stand with his friends to the end no matter the odds.

Sparrow is intensely infatuated with Caleen and is firmly convinced she is likewise deeply in love with him but that her devotion to the insurgency means she mustn’t allow herself to confess her feelings. In Sparrow’s mind theirs is a tale of true love rent asunder by circumstance and war, a tragic romance that will echo throughout the ages.

Sparrow is also infatuated, in a very different way, with Aradil. He sees her as the paragon of the elf race and seeks her recognition of his true “elfishness”. He would do anything for her and sees the current task at her behest to be a tremendous honour. He will not throw away his life foolishly but is willing to sacrifice it should doing do further their mission or Aradil’s cause. He loves listening to the Whispering Wood and secretly hopes to prove worthy enough to join it upon his death.

Recent History

Since their sojourn in Caradul Sparrow has seemed changed somehow. While still the gregarious jokester this is tempered somewhat by a seriousness and a greater clarity of purpose than was previously evident. He seems more at ease now, bereft of the undercurrent of doubt and lack of direction by which he was previous plagued. Whatever answers he found in Caradul seems to have satisfied some of the personal demons that plagued him.

Despite this new found clarity, or perhaps because of it, he has developed a somewhat fatalistic viewpoint. While he hides it behind a veneer of bravado and humour he is far from certain that he and his companions will prevail in the task that has been set before them and throws himself into combat with little regard for his own safety. While not suicidal by any stretch of the imagination he would, were it so required, sacrifice his own life to accomplish the goal of their mission or to save the life of one of his companions.

Sparrow has recently acquired a Wogren companion/mount he has named Barkspawn, the name of the Wogren pup he had as a young boy and which was killed in the raid on his village. Riding and playing with the Wogren is the only pleasant memory he has of his Halfling upbringing and he and his sister used to lie awake in their slum in Sharuun reminiscing about the Wogren on how they wished they could ride away on them now. Though he has had the Wogren but a short time Sparrow adores Barkspawn (or “Barky”) deeply and will go to great lengths to protect him.


The Hope of Erethor Sulaco