Character Name: Vala’im
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Size: Dworg/Medium
Heroic Path: Iron Born
Traits: Orc Hunter/Soldier
Description: Trains hard, Always keeps up with tactical training
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 7’2"
Weight: 300 lbs
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Long Black
Homeland: Durgis Rock (Kaladrun Mountains)


Strength: 20 (modifier: +5)
Dexterity: 14 (modifier: +2)
Constitution: 18 (modifier: +4)
Intelligence: 11 (modifier: 0)
Wisdom: 12 (modifier: +1)
Charisma: 7 (modifier: -2)
Hit Points: 100

Saving Throws

Fortitude – Constitution Total Save:+12 Base Save:+5 Abil. Mod.+4 Misc.Mod.+3
Reflex – Dexterity Total Save:+4 Base Save:+2 Abil. Mod.+2 Class. Mod.+1 dodge vs traps
Willpower – Wisdom Total Save:+3 Base Save:+2 Abil. Mod.+1 Magic. Mod. Misc.Mod.

Spell Resistance: +2


Total:+2 Feats: Dex:+2

Armour Class:

*Total: 20/17 Armour Bonus: 8/4 Dex. Mod: 1/2 Natural Armour: +1 Misc. Mod:
Touch AC: Check Penalty: -6
Armour/items Type: Full Plate Armour Bonus: 8 Max Dex Bonus: 1 Check Penalty: -1 Speed: 20
|Armour/items Type: Master Work Stud REF
Armour Bonus: 4 Max Dex Bonus: 0 Check Penalty: -2 Speed: 40

Melee Attack Bonus

Temp Bonus:+14 Total Bonus:+12 Ability Mod:+5 Base Attack Bonus:7 Racial Bonus: +2 to hit Orcs
Weapon: Large Great Axe TAB:9(11 raged) Damage:3D6+7 Critical:x3 Type/Size s/L Reach: Notes:
Weapon: Silver Great Axe Total Attack Bonus: +11 Damage: 1D12+7 Critical: x3 Type/Size s/ Reach: Notes:
Weapon: Mithril Dwarven War Axe Total Attack Bonus: +12 Damage: 1D10+10 Critical: x3 Type/Size s/ Reach: Notes: +2
Weapon: MW Vardatch Total Attack Bonus: +11 Damage: 1D10+5 Critical: x2 Type/Size s/ Reach: Notes:

Ranged Attack Bonus

Temp Bonus:+15 Total Bonus:+8 Ability Mod: Size Mod: Misc: Misc: Misc: Base Attack Bonus:+7


Weapon:MW Long Bow Total Attack Bonus:+9 Damage:2D6+4 Critical: Type/Size p/L Reach: Notes:



Listen: 10 Search:0 Spot:+3


Name: Climb Key: Str Ranks: Ability Mod:+5 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:5
Name: Intimidate Key: Cha Ranks:4 Ability Mod: -2 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:2
Name: Intuit dir. Key: Wis Ranks: 3 Ability Mod:+1 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:4
Name: Listen Key: Wis Ranks: 9 Ability Mod: +1 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:10
Name: Move Silently Key: Dex Ranks: 5(10) Ability Mod: +2 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:7
Name: Spot Key: Wis Ranks: 2(4) Ability Mod: +1 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:3
Name: Swim Key: Str Ranks: 3 Ability Mod: +5 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:8
Name: Wilderness Lore Key: Wis Ranks: 7 Ability Mod: +2 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:9

Languages Spoken

  • Black tongue
  • Dwarf
  • Durgan

Heroic Path

1. Incredible resilience 6. Elemental resistance 3 11. 16.
2. +1 Fort saves 7. +2 Bonus Fort Saves 12. 17.
3. +1 Natural armour 8. 13. 18.
4. Improved healing 9. 14. 19.
5. Damage resistance 1/- 10. 15. 20.

Racial Abilities

  • Dark vision

Class Abilities

  • +1 dodge vs. traps


  • Power attack
  • Cleave
  • Greater cleave

Heal Kit x2 /2
Rations 1 month /10
Waterskin x2 /2
Stud REF MW Armour /20
Mithril Axe /15
MW Vardatch x2 /24
Full Plate Armour /50
Large belt pouch /1
Helm of disguise /1
candle of truth /.3
Cloak of the Lady /1
20 silver tipped arrows /3
1 silver great axe /12
100ft rope /20
20 flasks lamp oil /20
Great Axe (Large) /12
Total weight of equipment:173.3
Light Load:133
Medium Load:266
Heavy Load:400
Lift over head (max load):400
Lift off ground (2x max load):800
Push or Drag (3x max load):2000


Wiping tears from her eyes, Vulebera wrapped her baby in hides and whispered soothingly to the swaddled toddler, “Shhh, stay quiet and don’t worry, Valaim, I will take you from this place and give you a chance at life.” She put together a few supplies and slipped off through
the caverns to the tunnels that led to the world above. Along the way she thought, ‘How stupid was I to think I could hide what happened? How could I hide Valaim’s true lineage from Volkdal? He thinks he is his father! His need to replace Vorn has him so blinded that he cannot see that Valaim looks nothing like him! As Valaim grows, he is getting
much to big and soon the whole clan will know my shame. How could I have let this happen? I wish I had not gone to the surface that cursed day three years ago, but I had to find out if Vorn was really dead! I found his axe and his broken pipe laying not 70 feet from the secret
opening to the tunnels. In my grief I let my guard down and was soon overrun by filthy Orcs, probably the same filth that took my first-born son. I will never forget the vile grin of the largest orc I’d ever seen as he towered over me with his war hammer. When I became conscious,
the camp was completely deserted. They must’ve thought I was dead. I barely remember my journey as I stumbled back towards the tunnels. It wasn’t for a few weeks that I realized I was pregnant. I told Volkdal that our child was conceived when we had lain together a month after my ordeal with the orcs, luckily, Valaim had been born late so I don’t think anyone really suspected anything. In fact, I think I actually convinced myself that Valaim was Volkdal’s son.’

She walked on, half in a daze, wondering, ‘How am I going to explain to Volkdal, Vartain and Valana where their son and brother went? Vartain may have suspected but he never said anything to anyone else, thank the Goddess. He asked me such difficult questions that day, I didn’t know what to say and even though I avoided the answers, he didn’t
press me.’ Valaim started fussing so Vulebera stopped to feed her squirming child. ‘Maybe I should remain with Valaim and ensure he is given a fair chance for survival. Perhaps leaving him with this ’Durgis’ clan is leaving him in peril.’ She pushed on half walking, half running. What am I thinking? I cannot leave the caves to live anywhere else! My family, my
clan needs me, all of us are needed if we are to survive at all! Besides, Valana is only 12, she is brighter than most for her age, but during these formative years, a young dwarf needs her mother and I love them so, it would break my heart to leave forever. Valaim is a strong
child, he will survive.’

She made her solemn journey in just two days. She had thought it would take nearly a week and she was so completely consumed by her thoughts, stopping only to feed Valaim and to check her surroundings for Orcish filth that she didn’t really stop to rest at all. When she located
the Durgis clan, she was surprised to see this many of her people on the surface, living and seemingly thriving with so many different races. Her conscience placated by the diversity of the clan living together in peace, she waited for the cover of darkness. She approached a large, well kept looking home, she hugged Valaim close, kissed him on the forehead and whispered, “I love you my son, may you be blessed. May you grow to be big and strong and may you, one day, fight to save us all. Live well, be happy, I love you.” She made her way back the way she had come, sobbing and wondering if she had done the right thing
as she heard her child’s cries in the darkness.

On the cusp of consciousness, Valaim heard the ever-familiar woman’s voice singing softly to him. He smiled, feeling safe and warm. Suddenly, with the sensation of falling, he bolted upright, his eyes becoming accustomed to the light. He had that dream again. Shaking his head, as if to shake the dream from it, he started his day. “Valaim! Get out here!” his father yelled from the hearth. Under his breath he mumbled, “That boy would sleep through my death.” Just then, Valaim jumped through the doorway and said, “No I wouldn’t, Father, I would smite whoever dared to mess with the Sephiraths’!!!” Just 18 years old, Valaim is larger than most orc children, it’s hard to believe that this mother was a dwarf! “Never mind all that and sit down and eat your breakfast, Valaim! I need you to help in weapons training today.” That being said, they both sat down to their morning meal.

Gifur Sephirath is a full blooded orc. He is the lead warrior who trains clan members for combat against the Dark Lord. He led his band of orcs in uprising against the tyranny of Izrador and sought home and belonging with Durgis clan many years ago. He and his band of orcs are the only orc to join the fight against the darkness. If any orc even questions the actions or motivations of the Dark Lord, they are killed on the spot. Gifur and his band are the only orcs to survive an uprising. The clan council graciously accepted their entry when they pledged their blood oaths to protect Durgis clan from enemy threat and they have fought side by side with the dwarves and other misfits of their clan ever since.

One evening after sun down fifteen years ago as he sat on his back porch examining the stars. His solitude was disrupted by the constant wailing of a child. He put down his pipe and walked to the front of his home to find a toddler swaddled in furs squirming to set himself free of his wrappings. Gently he helped unwrap the child and whispered to him soothingly. The child continued to cry but seemed healthy and a bit relieved to be free of the furs.
“Who are you, little boy, where did you come from?” the boy continued to sob and didn’t answer. ‘I wonder if he can talk,’ thought Gifur. He picked up the furs and out fell a note written in crude trader’s tongue.

“Please, care for my son. His name is Valaim.
I cannot keep him He deserves a better life
than I can give him. When he is old enough,
please tell him he came from a family who
loves him and we only want him to be safe
and healthy and loved. He has a brother
and sister in the depths of the Kaladruns.
Thank you.”

Gifur tucked the note into his pocket and carried the child into his home. He lived comfortably. The clan was very appreciative of his efforts to train warriors to live through battle. His personal knowledge of orc ways proved very useful when dealing with their enemies. He has trained over fourteen thousand and hopes to train fourteen thousand
more before his time is done.

During his time with Durgis Clan he gave up all hope of having a mate. Many years ago before Gifur left his kin he had a mate. When he defied his orders and started to protest what his kin were doing, they burned his village. When they came back to help survivors, they found there were none and in the centre of the village was his mate’s body, tied to a stake and burned completely beyond recognition. He knew it was her only because she still wore the necklace he had given her. Distraught and in pain, Gifur vowed to overthrow the Dark Lord and have justice for what had been done. They wandered avoiding any contact with all races except orcs and those that serve the Dark Lord whom they butchered on sight. In their journey they heard about Durgis Clan and decided that is where they should go. Even orcs need clan and home. However, despite how the clan feels about different races, the females of the clan had all come to the same conclusion and that was that they would not suffer an orc to lay in their beds. So Gifur accepted a life of solitude until he found Valaim. He loved Valaim as his son and he raised him with the same values he had been raised with and many more. Since he was a child, he had Valaim by his side while he trained his warriors. Valaim was a quick study for combat, but his other studies were lacking. He could not focus on anything that wasn’t fighting or physical in some way. At 18, Valaim looked more and more like a hardened
older man. Maybe it was the dwarf in him that made him look older. He certainly did not lose any of his size from his dwarven genes. When he turned eighteen years old, Gifur felt it was time to tell him about his brother and sister. He told Valaim the truth when he found him that his mother dropped him on his front step and that she loved him but he told him nothing
else until he was ready. It is well known how most dwarves feel about mixed races, let alone a dwarf having lain with an orc! If he chose to find his family, he would have to be trained in combat and ready for anything. He trained Valaim more vigorously than he had trained any
other warrior for many reasons.

Gifur had heard about a giant that left the army of the Dark Lord to rally his people to defeat the darkness. He knew that if he could unite the good people of the world under one banner, with the giants as well, the Dark Lord would be defeated forever. He trained Valaim specifically for this dangerous mission. Valaim was ready and it was time for him to find his glory, to meet his fate, uncover his roots and help to save our world.


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