Char. Name: Valana Farkamal (aka The Angel of Death). Race: Dwarf (Kurgun) Class(es): Defender 7/ Barbarian 2/ Banisher ? Age: Gender: Female Ht: 4’ 4" Wgt: 150 lbs. Hair/Eye Color: Dark brown/Light grey Al: NG Experience Pts.: 32,251 (36,001 after the next battle)

Str.: 16 Mod.: 3 HP: ___ (99 + next 2 die roll)
Dex.: 18 Mod.: +4 AC: 23 (18 +5 [natural armor])
Con.: 18 Mod.: +4 DR: 1/- ER: 3 Fire: 5 (A. Lp)
Int.: 17 Mod.: +3 Initiative: +4 Speed: 40 ft.
Wis.: 13 Mod.: +1
Cha.: 11 Mod.: +0 Base Attack: +9/
Saving Throws: Fort: 12 Ref: +9 Will: +3
Melee Attack: (base)
13/8, +11/11/6 (w/ twf).
Ranged Attack: urutuks +14/
9 (may now throw both urutuks in the same round of combat since both can now be recalled as long as line-of-sight of the weapons is maintained).
Damage: urutuks 1d6 + 4.
Rage (1/day: 4 bonus to Str. and Con., +2 morales bonus to Will saves, 2 to AC; duration: 9 rounds)
1. Unarmed strike (w/ Fire Lashes): +15/
10; 13/13/8 (w/twf). Damage: unarmed strike 2d6 + 5. (1d6 fire damage from Fire Lashes). Precise strike: 6
2. Urutuk Hatchets: see Ranged Attack and Damage above.
3. Urutuk Hatchets (melee): 14/9, 13/13/+8 (w/ twf). Damage: 1d6 +4
4. Flame Breath: 1/day; 30 ft. cone that deals 6d6 points of fire damage. Reflex save (DC 16) for half damage.

  • add 1 to all atacks vs. Orcs.
    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
    1st lvl: Class feature: Masterful strike (Improved Unarmed Strike), Weapon Finesse, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Dwarven urutuk hatchets) (granted by Wrath and Fury). Path: Incredible resilience.
    2nd lvl: Class feature; Stunning Fist, Defender ability (Speed Training). Path: +1 bonus on Fort. saves.
    3rd lvl: Class feature: Improved Grapple. Two-Weapon Fighting. Path: +1 natural armor.
    4th lvl: Class feature: Precise strike (3). Regular ability score boost (applied to Int.). Path: Improved healing (healing rate = 1/2 char. lvl [round down] per hour plus any other healing from other sources, including from regular rest).
    5th lvl: Class feature: Defender ability (Offensive Training). Path: DR 1/-.
    6th lvl: Class feature: Increased speed. Drive It Deep. Path: Elemental resistance (3).
    7th lvl: Class feature: Masterful strike +1d6. Path: +2 bonus on Fort. saves.
    8th lvl: Class feature: Fast movement (
    10 ft), Rage 1’day. Regular ability score boost (applied to Int.). Path: +2 natural armor.
    9th lvl: Class feature Uncanny dodge (no Dex. loss to AC from being falt-footed). Track. Path: Indefatiguable.
    *10th lvl: Class feature: Defender ability (Dodge Training). Path: DR 2/-.
(*-marked levels are subject to change at any time prior to the character actually gaining that particular level.)

SKILLS: # of Skill Points: 78 # left: 0.
Name: # of Sk.Pts,/lvl: 7 T Mod Ranks Mods:
Appraise (Int) (cc) 3]…..0…..[3] 2 st/mtl
Balance (Dex) [
Bluff (Cha) [
Climb (Str) [
8]…..5…..3] +2 mtn.
Craft (_____) (Int) [
3]…..0…..3] +2 st/mtl
Escape Artist (Dex) [
Handle Animal (Cha) [
Heal (Wis) (cc) [
Hide (Dex) (*Cloak: +10) [
21]…..5…..4] +2 A.L.
Intimidate (Cha) [
Jump (Str) [
Knowl. [arcana] (Int) [
Knowl. [local: Kalad.] (Int) [
Knowl. [nature] (Int) [
Knowl. [Shadow] (Int) [
Listen (Wis) [
Move Silently (Dex) [
Prof. (_____ ) (Wis) [
Ride (Dex) [
Sense Motive (Wis) [
Spot (Wis) (cc) [
Survival (Wis) (
2; surface) 9]…..8…..[1]
Swim (Str) 4]…..1…..[3]
Tumble (Dex) 9]…..5…..[6]
**please check for synergy bonuses as some may have been missed.
SPELLS: SEP: 5 SPELL DC: 13 + caster lvl

  1. of cantrips cast/day: 6
    0th lvl: *prestidigitation, *cure minor wounds. *detect magic, *dancing lights
    1st lvl: *cure light wounds
    1. Old Dwaven (probably fluent and literate)
    2. Clan Dialect (Kurgun) (may be fluent and literate)
    3. Orcish (2, if not possible then at 1)
    4. High Elven (2)
    5. +2 points for another language

Light Load: Medium Load:
Heavy Load: Lift Over Head:
Great Sling (new used)
Bolas (x2; one small/one large) (never used)
Waterskins (x2) (one contains Orchid water, the other contains regular water)
Urutuk hatchets (x2) (covenant items; Wrath and Fury)
Caltrops (8 bags)
Legate robes (3 sets) (currently wearing one set)
Cloak of the Lady (currently wearing)
Adventurer’s clothes (2 sets)
Large belt pouches (2; one currently empty)
Erethor tea (1 lb., 50 servings)
Potion: cure serious wounds
Holster/harness (for urutuk hatchets)
Rope of Climbing (in Backpack)
The Ashen Loop (covenant item; being used as a tongue ring)
The Fire Lashes (covenant item)

ITEMS TO BE SOLD/BARTERED: Morning stars (x2) Javelins (x4) Small shield
  • for any other equipment, please check the most-recent previous character sheet, as some items may not be listed here.)

+2 Con., -2 Cha.
Medium size.
Base land speed is 20 ft. Dwarves may move at this speed even when wearing medoim or heavy armor or when carrying a medium or heavy load.
Weapon Familiarity: Dwarves may treat dwarven waraxes and dwarven urgroshes as martial weapons, rather than as exotic weapons.
Favored Region: Kaladrun Mountains.
Darkvision: 60 ft.
Resilient: +2 natural armor bonus and +2 racial bonus on saves vs. poison.
Spell Resistant: +2 racial bonus on saves vs. spells and spell-like effects, but those with spell energy have 2 fewer points of spelll energy than they otherwise would.
+1 racial bonus on attack rolls against Orcs.
+1 racial bonus on attack rolls when fighting with axes and hammers.
+2 racial bonus on Appraise and Craft checks related and metal items.

KURGUN DWARF: Weapon Familiarity: Kurgun Dwarves may treat urutuk hatchets as martial weapons, rather than as exotic weapons. Additionally, when wielding two urutuk hatchets, Kurgun Dwarves suffer only half the normal penalties for wielding a second weapon in their “off” hand. This benefit stacks with that granted by Two-Wwapon Fighting and similar feats. Favored Region: Kaladrun Mountains (surface). Kurgun Dwarves favored region bonuses for the Kaladrun Mountains increase by +2 when they are aboveground. Natural Mountaineers: +2 racial bonus on Climb checks, and may ignore difficult mountainous terrain that hampers movement, such as rubble or uneven cave flooring (but not thick undergrowth). Autonmatic Languages: Old Dwarven and Clan Dialect. Bonus Languages: Orcish, other Clan Dialect, Trader’s Tongue. Favored Class: Barbarian.


1. Incredible resilience 2. +1 bonus on Fort. saves 3. +1 natural armor 4. Improved healing 53 DR 1/- 6. Elemental resistance (3) 7. +2 bonus on Fort. saves 8. +2 naatural armor 9. Indefatigable 10. DR 2/- 11. Elemental resistance (6) 12. +3 bonus on Fort. saves 13. +3 natural armor 14. Improved healing 15. DR 3/- 16. Elemental resistance (9) 17. +4 bonus on Fort. saves 18. +4 natural armor 19. Indefatigable

20. DR 4/-

Incredible Resilience: The Ironborn’s HD type for all character classes in increased by one step (d4 becomes d6, d6 becomes d8, and so on). If the character already had a d12 for HD, then he gains an additional hit point per level. Elemental Resistance: The Ironborn gains the listed resistance against acid, cold. fire. and electricity. Improved Healing: The Ironborn recovers from damage much faster than others. At 5th level, he regains hit points equal to one-half his character level every hour (this is in addition to any hit points from bed-rest, or a full night’s sleep). At 14th level, he recovers avility score damage at a rate of one point per hour. Indefatigable: At 9th level, the Ironborn is immune to effects that would cause him to be fatigued, and effects that would cause him to exhausted instead cause him to be fatigued. At 19th level, the Ironborn becomes immune to effects that would cause him to be exhausted.

The Ashen Loop (levels and powers):
Lvl 1: +2 to all Hide checks when in dark areas.
Lvl 2: Fire resistance (5).
Lvl 3: Magecraft feat +2 spell energy points.
Lvl 6: +1 natural armor bonus.
Lvl 9: Flame breath 1/day, 30’ cone that delivers 6d6 points of fire damage. Reflex save (DC 16) for half damage.
Lvl 10: +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma.
Lvl 12: +3 natural armor bonus.

The Fire Lashes (levels and powers): Lvl 2: gains Improved Unarmed Strike. If wearer already has this class ability/feat, then wearer gains +1 enhancement bonus to all unarmed strike attack and damage rolls. Lvl 4: gains the Precise strike ability (basic 3). If the wearer already has Precise strike or an equiv. ability from anothersource, this ability stacks with the other ability. Lvl 6: +1 enahcement bonus. Lvl 8: +1d6 fire damage to all successful unarmed strike attacks. Wrath and Fury (levels and powers):


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