Corpse Acid

Potion against Undead


Corpse Acid (restricted): While the undead completely immune to poisons, the Danisil have long been familiar with a number of naturally occurring toxins that effectively dissolve flesh. Experimentation on the tissues of the Fell revealed a type of contact poison that proved fairly harmless to decaying bodies of the undead. This substance requires difficult-to-obtain and expensive ingredients, as well as a great deal of skill, to manufacture (+2 additional ranks in Craft [alchemy] and +3 to the Craft DC).
You can throw corpse acid as a splash weapon. Treat this attack as a ranged touch attack. It deals damage to corporeal undead as if it were alchemist’s fire, doing 1d6 points of acid damage on the first round and 1d6 additional points of acid damage the following round. Additionally, living creatures hit by the splash damage or accidentally exposed to the substance take no damage from it.


Corpse Acid

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