Erethor Tea

Elven tea that eases hunger


Erethor Tea (restricted): Fael, or Erethor tea as it is known among the Northmen, is a valuable elixir used by the elves in place of bulky and heavy trail rations. The tea is created magically from various herbs and roots native to the Erethor. The tea consists of dark flaky grounds that, when mixed with water, provides sustenance equivalent to actual rations. The resulting broth is thick and slightly sweet.

Two small cups per day serve to keep the drinker energized and healthy. The tea can be used as a sole source of nourishment for up to an arc at a time. After that its efficacy quickly fades and the drinker must spend at least half an arc eating actual food before resuming use of the tea. The tea takes getting used to, and the first few days drinkers suffer mild hunger pains and occasional stomach cramps. Heating the tea and drinking it warm helps ease this discomfort, but consuming any food while on the tea restarts the period of adjustment. One in 10 of all non-elves are violently allergic to the drink (DC 15 Fortitude save or be sickened for four hours after consuming it); such creatures gain no nourishment from consuming Erethor tea. One pound of Erethor tea powder is enough to make fifty servings. The tea is uncommon an so is therefore rather valuable.


Erethor Tea

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