Essence of Silver

Silvers your weapon


Essence of Silver (restricted): By dissolving silver in weak acids, the elves learned they could create a fine black powder that contains the very essence of the metal. Mixing this black powder with the right herbs and a bit of blood creates a glittering black paste that is surprisingly effective against any creatures with vulnerability to silver. Unfortunately, the essence is quite difficult to make and takes a great deal of silver to create, making it extremely rare (+4 additional ranks in Craft [alchemy] and +6 to the Craft DC).
As a special side effect, any weapon treated with essence of silver is considered a silver weapon for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction or otherwise affecting creatures with vulnerability to silver.
Essence of Silver: Injury, DC 15; Initial Damage 1d3 Con, Secondary Damage 1d6 Con.


Essence of Silver

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