A portable heat source


Hearthstone (restricted): Hearthstones are a common elven magic that is so old their origin is long forgotten. Hearthstones are vital to the elven way of life, as they allow elfkin to heat their dwellings and cook their food without the need for firewood and with less risk of burning down their wooden homes. Hearthstones are flat, palm-size blocks of obsidian dug from the northern mountains and enchanted to release the elemental “heat of the earth” trapped within. They are lit and extinguished with the words eailin and eailone, respectively, and they shed heat with no flame. Most stones of any quality will last for several days of continual use and contact with hearthstones will ignite dry wood and other flammable materials. Most elven scouts carry arrows tipped with small hearthstone heads with which they can set fire to orc battleworks and other flammable structures.



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