The Crown of the King


Foreseeing an age of peace with the humans, Aradil had the crown commissioned for the first king of Erenland. It is forged from the sword of an angel and thus, had been blessed by the Lords of Light prior to the Sundering.

When worn by someone worthy of leadership, the Crown confers the following abilities:

1st: +4 bonus to intimidate checks against evil creatures, +4 bonus to diplomacy checks with good aligned creatures
4th: Whenin combat, the wearer may invoke a daylight spell at will as a free action
6th: The wearer gains +4 bonus on leadership score if he has the Leadership feat as long as he wears the crown in front of his followers once a week.
7th The wearer of the grown gains a +1 Divine bonus to AC
10th The Crown grants its wearer SR 10 +1/2 the wearer’s HD against all spells granted by evil deities, as well as against spells with the evil descriptor.
12th: Any evil creature stuck in melee by the bearer of the crown must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the wearer’s HD +Cha mod) or suffer as if from a fear spell. If the creature saves, it is immune for the next 24 hours
14th: The crown grants a +2 divine bonus to AC

When worn by a direct heir of the king of Erenalnd, the crown grants SR 20 + HD vs all spells granted by evil deities as well as against spells with the evil descriptor. Also, the wearer receives a +6 divine bonus to AC, saving thorws attack rolls, and to his charisma score.
At will and as a free action, the wearer can bath the 80 foot area around in brilliant, true daylight. This effects evil creatures as the sunbust spell, except that the save to avoid blindness and for half damage is Will (DC 10 + 1/2 wearer’s HD + Cha mod) rather than reflex.

May be maintained for a number of rounds per day equal to HD +Cha Mod.
Finally, evil creatures struck in melee by the crown’s wearer must make a Will save (DC 10 + wearer’s HD +Cha mod) or be panicked for 1 minute per HD of the wearer. Creatures must save each time they are struck, regardless if they saved earlier that day.


The Crown of the King

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