Wrath of the Moon and Fury of the Sun

Magical Urutuks

weapon (melee)

The Warth of the Moon and Fury of the Sun are mithral weapons and therefore masterwok items. When wielded together, they also bestow the following abilities on their user.

1st level: the items grants the user the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Dwaven urutuk) feat whenever he wields the weapons.
3rd Level: if one hatchet is thrown while the other is held, the thrown hatchet gains the returning enchantment. It returns to the wielder at the beginning of his next action.
5th level: the urutuks gain a +1 enchantment bonus.
7th level: whenever the user wishes, the weapons will jump into his hands from any distance as long as he has line of effect to them. If the weapons are restrained in any manner they make opposed Strength rolls (Str. 18) to free themsleves. The urutuks reach their user at the end of the round in which he class them. Catching both returning weapons is an instinctual manifestation of the item’s power.
10th level: the urutuks enchantment bonus increas to +2
12th level: the urutuks’ powers provide the wielder with defensive prowess in place of a shield he would normally wield with an off hand. The wielder gains a +2 shield bouns to AC


This pair of matched urutuks are made of mithral and feature stylized engravings of the mythical Mother Moon on one hatchet and of Father Sun on the other. They are beautiful weapons and the epitome of the smith’s art. They are also ancient Durgis Clan heirlooms and together form a powerful covenant item.

Legend claims that a common figure of dwarven legend, a mythical youth known only as the Child of the Mountain, was one day hunted by a party of orcs. Wounded and weaponless, the Child was cornered in a narrow defile. It is said that Father Sun, hoping to see a noble last stand, bestowed a single urutuk on the by. The boy fought valiantly but was clearly outnumbered. Mother Moon, seeing his blight, gifted him with a second urutuk to even the odds. Wielded together, the magical powers they manifested allowed the Child to prevail against the orcs.

Wrath of the Moon and Fury of the Sun

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