Tag: Baden's Bluff


  • Tuwin

    Tuwin is a pretty Sarcosan woman with dark hair and eyes. Her equipment is of top-notch quality. Languages: Black Tongue (read and write) Erenlander Sarcosan (read and write) Orcish Pidgin.

  • Caleen

    Taken as a trophy by mutinous sailors, Caleen was rescued quite by accident. The sailors, setting fire to their captain's vessel, posed as escapees. They attempted to commandeer the Honoured Beauty, thinking the Gnomes no match. The Heroes caught wind of …

  • Maldon

    Dressed in simple garb with a short sword and padded armour, Maldon is a grim faced and ruthless insurgent, ready to kill anyone who learns of his allegiance to the insurgency. He openly threatened and killed a young gang member who happened to be at the …

  • Salyn

    Foul mouthed and evasive, Salyn was attempting to placate Maldon, promising that the [[Pirate Princes]] would honour a long-standing agreement, despite some recent (and vague) changes in leadership.