Erethor War Journal

Winter of LA 99 (Arcs of Hanud and Hisha)

In the midst of terrible storms of blinding sleet and bitterly cold winds, the orc tribes move south and east to join Jahzir’s armies. The northlands are being stripped of warriors to join the host. In the Highhorns, the mountains rumble as the giant-men, ogres, and countless goblinkin gather north of ruined Bandilrin. In the much warmer lands of the south, the Fey-Killer prepares for the arrival of his host and stands ready to put new pieces on his board.

LA 100, Arc of Sutara (last arc of Winter)

Erunsil spies in Eamon’s Passge, north of Bandilrin, report a great host that stretches across the horizon moving south. Huge shapes move within this horde and the howls of thousands of worgs fill the chill air. To the west of demon-haunted Cale, elfkin villages are attacked seemingly at random by orc raiding parties. At the headwaters of the Ishensa, Jahzir’s host beings to move, driving great herds of boro before them. Caravans of supplies move from Bastion and Port Esben toward the Ishensa Rivre. Throughout Eredane, legates preach to the faithful that the time has come to gather for the final battle against the fey. Thousands of battle-scarred Dorns, Erenlanders, and Sarcosan riders heed the call and begin thier journey toard Cambrial and the squalid shanties of Eisin.

LA 100, Arc of Shareel (Spring)

From atop the fortress of Silverthorn, the Erunsil watch as a seething mass of orcs and goblinkin, like a plague of rats, march toward the tower. Giant-men haul huge and crudely made ballista and catapults in their wake. The Erunsil seal the gates, sharpen their blades and prepare their death songs. By nightfall Silverthorn is under siege. Catapults fling huge rocks against the walls, which echo with each blow. The sound of hundreds of tres being torn or cut down fills the air. By dawn, ladders and rams move forward along the orc lines and are met by swarms of arrows. Battle rages without relief for the fey as wave after wave of fresh orcs assail the tower.

In the northern Caraheen, the mysterious raids continue, with widely scattered tree villages and watch towers coming under attack. The orcs take no ground and rip through villages as if they were seeking some great prize. The Whisper, weak in this sparsely populated land, provides scant warning of the attacks. To the great shame of the Caransil, several fey have been taken prisoner by the orcs. The settlements near the forest edge are abandoned and what few warriors can be spared are sent to strengthen the patrols in the northern homewoods.

LA 100, Arc of Dorsharam (Planting)

The siege of Aigeathir continues into its 40th day. The orcs are forced to climb over mountains of their own dead to continue the attack. The tower has shattered under the assault and the great hall is about to fall. Arcane energy ripples through the Silverthorn as the fey expend their dying energy in an attempt to destroy the fortress and the orcs that now swarm through its empty halls. With the hated tower in ruins, the orcs and goblinkind stream south to crush the remaining Erunsil tree forts.

In southern Erenland, share-eyed scouts from the city of Erenhead see huge clouds of dust in the east; the vanguard of Jahzir’s host has arrived. Herds of boro, wild horses, and sheep are gathered east of the city to feed the host and allow them to continue their march toward Eisin. Like a swarm of locusts, the host strips the region of food and supplies. Freshly sown fields are trampled under by tens of thousnads of hobnailed boots.

In the northern Caraheen, the orc raids increase in size and frequency. The orcs seem to know where the Whisper is weakest and use that knowledge to raid deep into the Caraheen. Caransil patrols and their allies kill hundreds of orcs who seem to be trying to take their prisoners out of the forest. More villages are attacked and the shrine of Liatholian is destroyed. Three of its whisper adepts are unaccounted for after the raid.

LA 100, Arc of Sahaad (end of Spring)

The destruction of Silverthorn and the norther Erunsil defenses has left more than 50,000 orcs, goblinkin, and fey dead, spawning thousands of hungry Fell. They roam the battlefields in large packs, slaughtering orcs and fey. The ruins of Silverthorn become their hunting ground and the orcs and goblinkin their prey. Further south, fighting has dissolved into chaos as the orcs pour into the northern Veradeen.

On the shores of the Ardune, the northern host receives their orders. More than 40,000 orcs head south toward Cambrial to join the army under Kulos the Exonerated; others move north to join the battles in the Green March. Almost 50,000 move west to Eisin to wait the orders of the Fey-Killer.

In Cambrial, the legates of the Order of Shadow led by the Night King Sunulael, surround the city’s necropolis. Hundreds of legates chant their prayers as dark energy dances over the graves. Buildings shake in the city as the necropolis explodes in a shower of dirt and stone. When the dust settles, an army of the dead stands waiting to serve the dark god.

Along the borders of the Caraheen, battles rage from Green March in the north to the edges of the Druid’s Swamp. On the north bank of the Felthera River, the Caransil destroy a demnon=led raid, killing thousands of orcs. Further north the new is not as good for the fey, the Burning Road has reached the battle lines and great Maugrim begins its assault. A Caransil attack on Maugrim is easily crushed and the beast pours flaming pitch over the fey defenses.

Arc of Sennach (Arc of Battle)

The orcs and their allies have ravaged the northern extremes of the Coldest Wood. Great swathes of destruction are cut through the forest; trees ripped out of the ground and burned with flaming pitch, herds of elk and ebo-ta butchered and left to rot, and the life giving springs poisoned and defiled. The orc and goblinkin tribes destroy everything in their path and ravage farther into the deep woods. Taking advantage of the disorder, the Erunsil stop their reatreat and turn to fight. Thounsands of orcs are killed as the Erunsil attack isolated war bands.

On the banks of the mist-drenchd Gamaril River, Belark the Blackheart survives a dawn attack by orcs of the Tribe of the Clenched Fist. Hundreds die inside the norther fortress of the River’s Fangs as Belark keeps control of the army for now. Farther south in the Green March, fighting rages around the Giant’s Face and Slavrs burn refugee villages in the eastern hills.

The army of Kulos the exonerated is joined by a seemingly endless torrent of Maelgral raised from the murky depths of the Druid’s Swamp. Days later, his army of 80 000 orcs, mercenaries, legates and undead begin the assault of Three Oaks. Every tree and vine attacks the invaders, killing and dismembering thousands. Maelgral swarm over the defenses and battle the fey defenders at the base of the Oaks. Assault after assault is beaten back as the fey add their scan reserves to the battle. Kulos will not hav the quick victory he desires.

With Kulos’s assault stalled and the fey reserves pulled south to Three Oaks, Grial movse 50 000 orcs toward the Burning Line to bolster Kiah the Flame Axe and punch a hole in the Fey defenses. Zardrix in an insane rage lashes out in every direction. Hundreds of orcs die before her fiery breath.

Source: “Fury of Shadow”.

Erethor War Journal

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