First Age

The Year of the Queen, Year 1, 1A

The 1st Age begins with the coronation of Aradil. Aradil the Witch Queen is crowned monarch of all the elves. The scribe calendar begins with Aradil’s coronation. Events prior to the coronation are said to have occurred in the Time of Years, a vague and unreliable period of myths and legends.

Year 2101, 1A

Poedren of the Urthec Tribe becomes the first halfling nomad to study magic with elven tutors in Caradul.

Year 3893, 1A

The “Long Winter”, this is still a time of bleak cold before the spring. Since the end of the Third Age, the long winters often seem to cling to the lands, a dread portent many attribute to the foul ways of Izrador.

Ressial, an old seer, comes to the court of the Witch Queen, bearing word that he promised was of dire importance and Aradil agrees to a private audience. Though it is not known what passed between them, or what proof he offered for his claims, the Queen emerges from the meeting in a black and terrible fury. Aradil orders Ressial to summon his brothers to Caradul where they are installed as secret advisors to the throne – the are called the Order of Truth, beyond the walls of the elven court, they are blind prophets of lost gods now known as the Abandoned. Their portents claim a great darkness would rise and fall across the land. The prophecy speaks of a fallen god, a power from the ancient world, the incarnation of destruction, death, war, black magic, and evil. The portents names the darkness a true god and calls it Izrador, meaning the Shadow in the North in a lost elven dialect.

Year 3951, 1A

The Dorns first land on Eredan’s southern shores. Eredane was invaded from across the sea by barbarian raiders from the Dornland river valley on the continent of Pelluria in the middle of the First Age.

Year 4151 1A

Durgen the Black kills his elder brother in single combat becoming Durgen the Bloody. He takes his due title as King of Orin Clan, Right Defender of the Great Houses of the Dorns.

Year 4393, 1A

Word of a new threat first reaches the elven court at the end of the last years of the Dornish War. Initially the stories of battlefield dead rising to fight again are passed off as delusions suffered in the heat of battle. Then official reports claim that dead soldiers are returning to attack the living. The Order of Truth see it as a portent of the Enemy’s growing influence and warn Aradil.

Year 4397, 1A

Packs of undead from the Dornish battlefield become a horrifying scourge as they learn to hide and move beneath the coastal waters of the Ebon Sea, rising from the depths at night to stalk through shoreline villages.

Year 4410, 1A

Numerous emissaries from the Witch Queen to the Dornish Kings finally achieve peace. The Dornish War ends.

Year 4560, 1A

The Twelve Kings’ Pact is signed, creating the twelve nations of the Dorns. The Ebon Sea is renamed the Sea of Pelluria in honour of the Dorn’s lost homeland.

Year 4705, 1A

The monastery of Bandilrin, a remote outpost and quiet place of learning and meditation, has one of its younger members (Beirial the Betrayer) begins hearing a quiet voice during his meditations.

Year 4728, 1A

The Order of Shadow is born as Izrador completes his corruption of the monastery of Bandilrin.

Year 4975, 1A

A Dornish King, Sedrig the Sly, founds an enlightened monastery of learning. It will eventually become the Scholar’s Academy at Highwall, the greatest single repository of knowledge in Eredane.

Year 5133, 1A

An army of orcs, goblins, and other foul creatures floods out of the Highhorn Mountains intent on destroying the elves of Erethor. The host is driven by the legates of Izrador, who als cmmand demons. The war ends that same year as an allied force of humans, dwarves, and elves defeats the host on the plains of Eris Aman, in what is now known as the Battle of Three Kingdoms. Lasting 6 days, more than 5,000 elves, dwarves, and humans die. 40,000 Shadow minions are slain as the dark forces are broken and flee. The kingdoms of Eredane are victorious! And the 1st Age is at an end.

In the aftermath of the Battle of the Three Kingdoms, a desperately cast spell inadvertently creates the first of the spirit trees in what will eventually become the Whispering Wood.

Thus ends the First Age

First Age

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