Hamlet of Druid's Swamp

East of the Felthera River, a sprawling wetland of stagnate ponds, half submerged groves of tangled trees, and mist-drenched tracts of bogland forest make up what is called the Druid’s Swamp. Monstrous cypress trees dominate in these woods, their strange root protrusions creating an eerie vista of broken teeth that jut from the brackish water between the swollen bases. The overhanging branches are clothed in thick moss and draped in abundance with vines and creepers that form a dense curtain of hanging vegetation.

At the heart of the foreboding swamplands, far from the ravages of war, a hidden enclave of druids dwell in a place simply called the Hamlet. The elfkin members of this community, mainly Danisil, are some of the most powerful druids of Erethor.

This is a Danisil Settlement. Here, the jungle elves live closely with nature. Their homes are round structures, draped from the tree’s branches high above. Thin, vine bridges form a fine network from home to home high above.

The main settlement is built around an enormous cypress tree, Echo’s Gate, that hums with power and purpose. In the arms of this tree, called Echo’s Gate, the famed Academy of the Whisper trains talented elf kin to become whisper adepts, able to hear and understand the sibilant susurrations of the whisper. Echo’s Gate is a lord amongst trees, towering above its fellows in the surrounding forest. A sense of peace and purposeful serenity settles like a soothing balm on those who walk beneath the spreading shade of its boughs, and, it is said, the Whisper is clearly and more distinct.

Hamlet of Druid's Swamp

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