Kaladrun Mountains War Journal

This wiki page is added for Player Knowledge and general interest. While the Heroes are far off in the West, the recent months have stirred up war in ever corner of Eredane. Here are the Shadow’s movements in the East.

Arcs of Hanud, Hisha, and Sutara (Winter of 99 LA)

In the northern breeding grounds, the Feral Mothers have called to their allies for fresh war bands to launch the final assault on Calador. The Frozen Barrens are stripped of warriors, with only veterans who have been too many winters left behind to protect the warrens and the eldest of the kurasatch uradeen. In a bold move unprecedented in the history of the orcish hosts, the young mother-wives as well as those in their prime march with their soldiers, separate from but always watching them. They foretell that now is the time of the end of all things, and the kurasatch uradeen go to lend their aid to the warriors they have birthed. Across the Northern Marches, tribes that have answered the call to arms start the long cold march toward the Ishensa River and ultimately Erenhead.

On the Southern shores of the Pelluria, 3 000 orcs are sent to reinforce the garrison at Kardoling, near the northern edge of the Spinewall Range. Over the past arc, the Kurgun and their human allies have ambushed three orc Supply trains. Now reinforced, the orcs have doubled their guards and have announced that for every wagon the Kurgun destroy, one local village will be burned to the ground. To the northwest, heavily armed patrols are sent for form Low Rock beneath the mountains. Their mission is to search for any undiscovered dwarven clanholds that could interrupt the main force’s march to Calador, as well as to map out potential tunnel routes for that force. They are 1 000 strong.

Arc of Shareel (Spring, 100 LA)

Most of the war bands arrive at Gasterfang with the first hint of spring, where they slaughter herds of boro and caribou to provide meat for their long march to Erenhead. War bands from over 40 tribes gather in Blood Mother territory before heading south. As the arc gnomes to a close, ominous rumbles shake the western Icewall Mountains as a long-dormant volcano belches smoke and ash. Though felt far into the Kaladruns, the tremors do not slow the assault on Calador. The fighting is bloody but inconclusive; the Feral Mothers can find no weakness in the dwarven defenses. To the south the patrols from Low Rock find a heavily fortified southern road to Calador and lose over 200 warriors in the first futile assault.

In southern Erenland, the orcs at Drumlen capture dwarven watch posts at the entrance to the Pass of Eagles and begin constructing forts to support the launch of the summer offensive. Kurgun raids on the supply trains continue, and the orcs set fire to the village of Durstan. The inhabitants, many of whom are dwarrow, are burned alive.

Source: Hammer and Shadow

Kaladrun Mountains War Journal

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