Last Age

During the Last Age

The fall of Erenland marks the end of the Third Age, ushering in a time of war, death, and despair that scholars ominously call the Last Age of Eredane.

In the aftermath of the Last Battle, a great tower is built in which children are taught the ways of Izrador to become a new generation of unholy clerics and warriors in his name. Soon, as the wars spread and Izrador’s forces needed more and more aid, the breeding programs were stepped up. Newborns stolen from across the land began to appear at the tower known as Theros Obsidia, where they were trained to serve the Shadow in the North. These, the dark god’s most faithful servants, are known as legates.

Year 1, LA

The dwarven clanholds of the Kaladrun Mountains begins. The assault on the Great Forest of Erethor begins. Erenland has been conquered.

Year 3, LA

The tower of Theros Obsidia is raised in a single day by the combined prayers of a hundred Legates.

Year 16, LA

Construction of the secondary structures and tunnels surrounding Theros Obsidia is complete.

Year 92, LA

The last rains fall over Erethor. It is rumoured that the rainwater turned black before the clouds dispersed.

Year 99, LA

The present day. Izrador’s war quickens. It is known the Grial Feykiller’s armies are preparing a final offensive against Erethor, the Witch Queen and her allies in the Great Forest.


Last Age

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