Prehistory and the Time of Years

Events prior to the coronation or Aradil are said to have occurred in the Time of Years, a vague and unreliable period of myth and legend.

A war in heaven begins. In desperation, the Lords of Light sever the black spirit of the dark god Izrador, casting him out of the celestial kingdom. The fallen god’s spirit is severed from his physical form, so too is the celestial kingdom severed from all contact with the material realm. The Sundering begins.

The Sundering

As the sky clears, the elder fey adapt to the new world, becoming the ancestors of the dwarves and elves, halflings and gnomes, and other fey races of Eredane. In time, the black Shadow recoils from the sky, its dark tendrils retreat to the frozen north where its shattered form lies dormant, slumbering, biding its time and regaining its power. The remaining fey pray to the silent gods, begging for salvation. Their supplications are not heard and they fall into despair. Fey civilizations are destroyed by a maelstrom of divine chaos. Cities are razed and their inhabitants burn to ash. Those that survive are hunted by foul creatures or starve to death in the endless winter that follows. When the Shadow fell, a black veil crossed the sun and all the lands of Aryth went dark. The darkness brought with it earthquakes, floods, and rains of fire. Foul demons trapped by the veil ravaged the lands. Forests burned, mountains shattered, and waters boiled. The soul of Aryth was shattered.

A shadow crept out of the darkest reach of heaven to challenge the lords of light. A great celestial war raged as the gods did battle with a dark lord and his kin. The terrible contest cracked open the sky and Aryth itself was shaken. In the end the gods of the elthedar vanquished the Shadow and banished it to the mortal world, but at a horrible cost. The dark lord’s fall tore Aryth from the grasp of heaven, separating it forever from the celestial realm and its gods. Not only could the gods no longer serve their mortal children, their victory had condemned those children to the wrath of a merciless and evil lord. This was the Sundering!

The Time of Years begins

Zardrix is born in the Time of Years and becomes an ally of the Elder Kings. She was a devoted friend of Xircxi and bore him many eggs. When the Sundering fractured the draconic race, she sided with Xircxi and fought at his side. For thousands of years she was a champion of draconic honor and even advocated alliance with the children of their elthedar friends, the younger fey.

The Origin of These Years

The scribe calendar begins with Aradil’s coronation. Dates are recorded as the number of the year and the age, and with the advent of each new age the sequence of numbers begins again. Events prior to the coronation are said to have occurred in the Time of Years, a vague and unreliable period of myths and legends. As is the nature of life, the elthedar that survived grew accustomed to their new world, and in time the fear and disasters of the years of the Sundering faded from memory.

When the elthedar became the alethar

As is the nature of life, the elthedar that survived the Sundering grew accustomed to the new world, and in time the fear and disasters of the years of the Sundering faded from memory. Each scattered group adapted in its way, and civilization was reborn in the new forms and traditions. In time these new races, the younger fey (alethar) rise to dominate the lands of Eredane.

When the beast and fey transformed

When the Sundering tore divine magic from Aryth, entire species perished while others were changed. Many feral species were transformed into greater creatures and came to be known as the dire creatures. The once noble giant-men of the Kaladruns became reclusive and violent race, warring amongst themselves. In time their kind gave rise to the ogres and trolls.
A great schism formed within dragonkind as the chaos of the Sundering turned these enigmatic beings against each other. Dragonkind fought an endless war for dominance between one another, rarely concerning themselves with the ways of lesser creatures. In time the Shadow in the North would subvert many dragonkind while the nobler dragons were forced to rally with the descendants of their elthedar allies.

Year of the Seer Wind

Xircxi, Patriarch of the Dragons, gifts a crown of scales to Suthail Aman, High Lady of the Elthedar. The present is a token of highest honor and sublime divinity.

Year Under the Black Sky

Erum Pel, chieftain of the Aru tribe, takes his followers deep into the Great Forest. The demons they flee are tricked by spirits of the wood and consume themselves in their madness.

Year Before the Rain

Shadiuil is born. In time he will become the first of the High Kings, establishing the elven monarchy in Erethor. Aradil, known in later days as the Witch Queen of Erethor, will eventually become the greatest of this line.

Year of Colder Stone

Padul of Modrun Clan is the first dwarf in history to kill an orc. His distinction is forever moments later as he and the rest of his mining party are slaughtered by the dead orc’s fellow raiders.

Year of the Far Water

The last of dragonkind is born, as was foretold by the prophetess Kirinhi in her Fables of the Lizard’s Eye.

Year Behind the Red Moon

The Vale of Tears forms in the far north of Eredane as Izrador stirs and continuous earthquakes shatter the region for more than a decade.

Thus ends the Time of Years.

Prehistory and the Time of Years

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