Proposed House Rule - Greater Reincarnate

The house rule I’m proposing would go something like this.

After a PC has died, the party members have an opportunity to save the soul of their fallen friend.

Reincarnate will always work in these cases, however, I’m proposing a ritual form of reincarnate (called Greater Reincarnate) that will have side effects. Some positive, some negative.

To use Greater Reincarnate the Heroes will have to gather a channeler and a bard. Songs must be sung during the hour it takes to cast the spell. Those allies who were with the character when he died must also be present and sing or chant a stanza about why they need their friend to return.

Here are the effects of the Greater Reincarnate spell.

  1. They are reincarnated as per the reincarnate spell but do not lose a level.
  2. Also, they are allowed to choose the body (from an approved list) that they would wish to inhabit.
  3. The hero must also choose one flaw and one edge.
  4. All those recipients of a Greater Reincarnate spell return with some new insight into the nature of their struggle. A secret may be revealed to them by trapped spirits etc. This secret must become a strong motivating feature of their new life, transforming their character spiritually. The player will be strongly encouraged to role play this new insight effectively.
  5. Greater reincarnate can only be cast once per soul. Reincarnate may be used more than once.
  6. After receiving a Greater Reincarnate spell, the recipient must add a title to his/her name: “the Soul Touched” so that future attempts at the Greater Reincarnate spell will not be attempted. The consequences of a second attempt at Greater Reincarnate are as yet undecided. Some options: the spell simply fails, the spell acts as reincarnate spell, the toying with mystical powers changes the character’s alignment, perhaps forcing them to become an NPC (if a randomly determined die roll lands on any “evil” alignment on a 1d8 – since the original alignment is off the table at this point). Lastly, the Hero seems fine for 1d4 days but then becomes Fell.


Proposed House Rule - Greater Reincarnate

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