Second Age

During the 2nd Age

The Years of Unity

Aradil beckons that the armies of Eredane are rebuilt. Construction begins on the Fortress Wall of the Northern Marches. This vast series of defenseworks against the orc hordes eventually span the entire continent and takes centuries to complete. For more than two centuries the races of Eredane live in harmony. Economies flourish and frontiers expand, trade grows accordingly.

At the end of the Second Age, an alliance of elves, dwarves and men defeated the armies of the Shadow in the North for the second time. In the aftermath of this war, the undead begin to plague the lands of Eredane. With the material realm veiled from the celestial kingdom by the Sundering, the souls of the dead have no way to escape the mortal world.

Eredane was again invaded in the Second Age, this time by the conquering armies of Sarcosa, the Old Empire of Pelluria. The Sarcosan Empire was a great civilization of advanced knowledge and science. They brought steel swords, great war machines, and sophisticated warcraft to Eredane, and they were the first to introduce horses and mounted knights to the continent.

The Sarcosans battled the elves, cutting and burning deep into the fringes of Erethor. Settlers from the Old Empire poured into Eredane, and the Sarcosans built great cities along the southern coasts. They eventually made peace with the elves and began trading with Erethor and the Kaladruns, carving great roads across the newly tamed wilderness. With their hold on the southern regions of Eredane secured, the Sarcosans turned their attention to the Dornish kings in the north. After years of war, the Dorns were finally beaten and the northland kings surrendered their crowns to the lords of the southern cities.

During the Second Age, the Order of Shadow came close to extinction. Persecution, isolation, and internecine warfare threatened to extinguish it where the armies of the Three Kingdoms had failed. The legates were hunted by peoples now only too aware of the dark and sinister canker in their midst. In the towns and cities, corruption and conspiracies were exposed and those involved were publicly executed; in rural regions, entrenched cultists were rooted out and destroyed. Innocents inevitably suffered in these bloody pogroms, victims of the righteous fury and fear of their fellows. In this climate of unfettered recrimination and fear, a fertile recruiting ground emerged from which the order of Shadow was able to regenerate its decimated numbers. However, with its leadership dead or in hiding and the dark god weakened by defeat, the far-flung parts of the order became estranged. Numerous cults and sects evolved in isolation from the doctrines and dictates of Bandilrin and from each other. In the centuries that followed, the fractured nature of the order became entrenched, with separatist groups following their own agendas oblivious or in opposition to the dictates of the First Legate and his ruling council.


Year 220, 2A

The Dornish King in Highwall signs an conomic pact with the other kingdoms tht laeves Highwall the centre of trade in the Sea of Pelluria.

Year 230, 2A

Armies of the Sarcosan Empire invade southern Eraedane.

Year 318, 2A

The Battle of Pethurin. Elven sorcerers assassinate the five Sarvosan generals comanding the assault, allowing the fey infantry to crush the attacking army. Emissaries from the Sarcosan lords sue for peace with the elves, realizing that this strange race of forest dwellers seem unbeatable within the trees and will not be drawn from them. By the end of this year hostilities cease.

Year 811, 2A

Marriage of Hedgreg the Younger to Princess Ialla of the Sarcosans initiates an era of alliance through royal marriage between the Dornish kings and the Sarcosan colonial nobility.

Year 835, 2A

The Battle of Twin Crowns on the Plain of Erenhead signals the beginning of hostilities between the Sarcosan invaders and the Dornish nations.

Year 853, 2A

The Sarcosan War ends. The Dornish kings retain their titles and lands in exchange for oaths of fealty to the Sarcosans.

Year 1062, 2A

A fleet of colonial warships begin intercepting Old Empire vessels bound for Eredane. An alliance of colonial Sarcosans and their Dornish oathmen wage a bloody sea war along the Eredane coast, from Sharuun to Landfall. Hundreds of ships are destroyed on both sides, and savage ground battles are fought when Old Empire troops come ashore.

Year 1112, 2A

The colonials crush an Old Empire armada near the island fortress of Stormhold. The Old Empire signals for peace and relinquishes its claim to Eredane.

Year 1113, 2A

At the Conclave of Kings, the Sarcosan Prince Zefu Kari accepts the fealty of the Dornish Kings and a unified human nation is formed. The new nation is called the Kingdom of Erenland.

Year 1115, 2A

Princess Sallia, sister to King Kari of Erenland, weds the heir of House Sedrig, Wendel the Sage.

Year 1123, 2A

The river town of Fartherness is refounded as Alvedara, capital city of Erenland, and construction begins on the first of what will eventually be known as the Bridge Towers of the Kalif.

Year 1216, 2A

Construction of the last of the keeps along the Fortress Wall in the Northern Marches is completed. Across the nations, soldiers are recruited to garrison the newly completed forts.

Year 1920, 2A

The first attacks are reported along the Fortress Wall, signalling the beginning of the second war with Izrador.

Year 1948, 2A

Dragons once again fill the skies of Eredane. A devastating battle is wages between those allied with the dark will of Izrador and those who defended the people of Eredane. Both sides break in the aftermath of this climactic battle, and the second war draws to an end.

Year 1948, 2A

The heart of the dragon Zardrix is given to Izrador following the great battle at the Fortress Wall.

Year 1949, 2A

Thus end the second age


Second Age

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