The Council's word, the heroes' decision

The Council of The Throne convened

The following facts were presented to the Heroes:

  • Defense of the Norther Wood is faltering. A great Elven citadel was destroyed. The Orcs are pushing deeper South.
  • Rumours of civil war within the Shadow have begun. Large numbers of Jazir’s troops are moving South toward the Sunulael’s city
  • It has been foretold that, according the holy book, Shandring’s Gambit, that Man was created by Shandring as a counter-balancing force aginast Izrador. Whereas the Fey races were in direct opposition to Izrador, they could never win alone. Man, while less reliable, are strong and stout. Shandring created Man in order to throw off the balance of power. It was, indeed, a Gambit.

*Accoding to Ressial’s interpretation of the text (Shandring’s Gambit) the true king of Erenland must be seated on the throne before any battle can be truly won. In fact, other military victories are as nothing compared to this requirement. For Shandring’s Gambit to truly work, Men must be united under one King.

*The Conch or Shell found by the Heroes has been identified by Ressial as a “white mirror”. This tool, when filled with water from the Orchid Temple, has the power to nullify Black Mirrors. It is suppossed that it’s present radius is a mere 5-feet. In order to increase its influance, the White Mirror must nullify more and more Black Mirriors. No one knows how great the radius will increase with each Black Mirror that is nullified. Will it increaes arithmetically or geometrically? For now, it is unknown.

*The two Solars upon seeing Ressial, genuflected. They are sworn to serve the Divine Spark and Ressial is the protector of the Divine Spark. Presently, the Divine Spark floats over the Altar in the Academy of Truth’s temple.

*Aradil is ill. She is presently in a comatose state. When approached, she speaks in riddles. Her words are terrifying. The Whisper, so long a cherished defense against the Orcs, has fallen silent. Without the Whisper, nothing defends the Woods but the elves and their allies.

*Whisper Adepts have been kidnapped in the north and are gone. The Council suspects their kidnapping is linked to the silencing of the Whisper.

*Dustel Turk has also gone missing. Whether or not he’s kidnapped is unknown.

With all this information, the Heroes have opted for a dangerous course of action. They are intent on finding the rightful king of Erenland. Having few contacts outside of the Forest, they have decided to begin their quest by going to Baden’s Bluff. They know at least a few members of the resistance in that city, and intend to use this city as their launching pad to find the three artifacts of the King – and to eventually find the rightful Heir and seat him on his throne. A throne currently occupied by none other than Jazir himself!

The Council's word, the heroes' decision

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