Third Age

During the 3rd Age

Izrador spends the first centuries of the Third Age cultivating his black priesthood and sowing corruption amongst the free races. As predicted in ancient prophesies, four great heroes are corrupted by the Enemy and turned to his cause. The identities of these four remain a dark mystery to most, but they shatter the alliance that opposes Izrador and corrupts them from within.

In these days of the Last Age, Jahzir is the high commander of all the Shadow’s military forces and the campaign to subjugate the continent is his domain. He is the crowned king in Erenland

Year 243, 3A

Aradil’s agents discover a coven of elven devotees of Izrador operating in Erethor. The queen personally attends to the traitors and no sign of them is ever seen again.

Year 795, 3A

Sunulael, Chief Acolyte of the Badrua, begins to serve the Sarcosan faithful, an 80 year quest, as a devoted priest of the Sorshef. He labors on the Book of Sahi, maintaining the long traditions it extolled and initiating new priests in its ways. His reputation for piousness and generosity was well deserved and he was considered the holiest man in Erenland.

Year 875, 3A

The corruption of the first among the Night Kings begins. Sunulael is a devout priest of the Sarcosan Sorshef when Izrador begins to whisper in his mind while he meditates.

Year 881, 3A

Sunulael takes his cult of followers to a manor house in Cambrial, where they build the first Temple to the Shadow in the southlands and erect a zordrafin corith.

Year 882, 3A

Jahzir Kamael is given the title of sussar and made Lord General of all the armies of the Kingdom of Erenland.

Year 884, 3A

The dragon Zardrix is resurrected using the heart that was taken from her chest at the close of the second age. She becomes the first of the Night Kings to be fully transformed and represents the destructive evil that Izrador will soon unleash upon Eredane.

Year 886, 3A

Vildar Ebsen ascends to the throne of House Esben. He still rules in the present day from Port Esben, kept alive by the dark magic of Izrador to fulfill his pledge to complete subjugation of the Northmen to the Shadow’s will.

Year 889, 3A

Jahzir becomes incensed, when the king decides to wed his daughter to a Dornish prince rather than him, to bolster ailing political ties. The insult infuriated him and he seethed with the righteousness of the betrayed. To hide his self-perceived shame, Jahzir rode north with his personal cadre, ostensibly to support the Dornish princes still loyal to Erenland in their civil wars. There he spent more than a year fighting renegades and wallowing in prideful

Year 890, 3A

Ardherin of Erethor captures the demon Vard while hunting spirits in Caradeen.

Year 891, 3A

Hanuted by visins and seduced by a legate in disguise, Jahzir Kamael succumbs to the will of Izrador and takes on the mantle of a Night King.

Year 893, 3A

Hedgreg the Last dies in battle opposing the Kight King’s betral of his Erenlander brethren. He is the last of the Old Kings to stand against the Shadow.

Year 895, 3A

Gregon Chander betrays the Dorns and aligns himself with the Shadow by murdering the entire Davin royal line. Also this year, Ardherin is tricked by the demon Vard and taken to Izrador where he undergoes the torturous transformation into a Night King.

Year 897 3A

Led by the Night Kings, Izrador’s armies once again pour out of the north, beginning the third war with Izrador. The Last Battle, as it is now called by elven scholars, is fought on the southern coast of the Sea of Pelluria.

Year 898, 3A

The forces of Izrador take Southraeach, signaling the fall of Erenland.

Year 389, 3A

Thus end the Third Age


Third Age

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