Wildlander Elf who is bow specialist


Character Name: Kreel
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race/Size: Elf/Medium
Heroic Path: Nature Friend
Traits: I Rapid Response – acquire feat of Improved Initiatve +4

Gender: Male
Age: 121
Eye: Blue
Hair: Blond
Homeland: Woods outside Erethor


Strength:16 (modifier: +3)
Dexterity:18 (modifier:+4)
Constitution:13 (modifier:+1)
Intelligence:14 (modifier:+2)
Wisdom:12 (modifier:+1)
Charisma:11 (modifier:0)

Saving Throws

Fortitude – Constitution Total Save: 6 Base Save: 5 Abil. Mod.+1 Magic. Mod. Misc. Mod.
Reflex – Dexterity Total Save:6 Base Save:2 Abil. Mod.+4 Magic. Mod. Misc. Mod.
Willpower – Wisdom Total Save:3 Base Save:3 Abil. Mod.+1 Magic. Mod. Misc. Mod.

Spell Resistance:
Spell Energy:


Total:8 Feats:4 Dex:+4

Armour Class:

Total:17 Armour Bonus:1 Shield Bonus:0 Dex. Mod:+4 Size Mod: Natural Armour:10 Misc.+2 bracers
|Touch AC:
Flat Footed: Check Penalty:
Armour/items Type: padded armour Armour Bonus: Max Dex Bonus: Check Penalty: Spell Fail: Speed: Notes:

Melee Attack Bonus
|Attack Bonus:7| Ability Modifier 3| Masterwork|1=11

Ranged Attack Bonus
Base Range: 7 WF (feat):1|misc mod (ER lvl): +1|dex mod:4|=13-2(Rapid Shot) =11
Point Blank *add +1=12

Total Attack Bonus: Damage: 1d8+8| | Critical:x3| Type/Size| Range110:| Notes:| Sneak attack Range 45 Feet |Weapon: Long bow|Total Attack Bonus:| Damage:| Critical:X3| Type/Size| Range:100| Notes:| | Masterwork Longsword: Damage:1d8+3| Critical: 20|Damage:1d83| Critical: Charms/potions/scrolls/miscellaneous - -


Listen:11 Search:7 Spot:12


Name: Heal Key:Wis Ranks:8 Ability Mod:+1 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:9
Name: Balance Key:Dex Ranks: 4 Ability Mod:+4 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:8
Name: Climb Key:Str Ranks:8 Ability Mod: +3 Misc. Mod: Total Skill:11
Name: Hide Key:Dex Ranks: 8 Ability Mod:0 Misc. Mod:+4 Total Skill:12
Name: Wilderness Lore Key: Wis Ranks: 8 Ability Mod: +1 Misc. Mod: Total Skill: 9
Name: Listen Key: Wis Ranks: 8 Ability Mod: +1 Misc Mod:+2 Total Skill: 11
Name: Spot Key: Wis Ranks: 8 Ability Mod: +1 Misc. Mod:+2 Total Skill: 11
Name: Search Key: Wis Ranks:5 Ability Mod: +1 Misc. Mod: Total Skill: 6
Name: Swim Key: Str Ranks: 1 Ability Mod: +3 Misc. Mod: Total Skill: 4
Name: Geography Know. Key: Int Ranks: 3 Ability Mod: +2 Misc.Mod Total Skill: 5
Name: Geography Know. (jungle) Key: Int Ranks: 3 Ability Mod: +2 Misc. Mod: Total Skill: 5
Name: Nature Know.(Great Forest) Key: Int Ranks:3 Ability Mod:+2 Misc.Mod: Total Skill: 5

Languages Spoken (Read/Write?)
*High Elf
*Traders’ Tongue

Heroic Path: Nature Friend

1. Nature Bond 6. Animal Messenger 1 per day 11. 16.
2. Calm Animal 1 per day 7. 12. 17.
3. Entangle 1 per day 8. 13. 18.
4. Obscure Mist 1 per day 9. 14. 19.
5. Animal Friend 10. 15. 20.

Racial Abilities

Class Abilities

*Tracking-free as a Wildlander
*Point Blank
*Improved Response-from 2nd level-Wildlander
*Rapid Shot-Quiver ability at 2nd level
*Weapon Focus-Longbow
*Exotic Weapon in Icebow


Item Weight

Kreel was very excited when he found out his request for an audience with the Queen was granted. While he was hopeful he really didn’t expect she would make time for him. Sure, an important delivery was made and he had his part to play in it but surely many others have done great deeds to protect the elven forest. Kreel, shivered with excitement when he recollected receiving an elven cloak, Cloak of the Lady no doubt.
He had been told about the cloak by the duchess. Though the Duchess seems…. well odd sometimes Kreel could never had been sure that The Duchess was telling the truth or was she merely recounting a legend. But no matter, he had a cloak of his very own! Thinking about the Duchess reminded Kreel of his forest, it cut off from the main forest which is why The Dutchess is “queen” as it were. Of course his loyalty is to here but to serve the Queen of the Elves, how exciting was that. Ever since he saw the Elven quiver, cloak and Icebow, Kreel had concocted the idea of being the Queen’s secret agent. The dream the dwarf had predicted scared him, the Elven forest in flames and elves driven from the ancestral home if the Shadow could not be stopped. Not to be forgotten was the Masterwork sword from the Queen as well. It was so well balanced. Kreel had come a long way from being bound up by orcs with Sparrow. If the Queen’s Emissaries had not come along when they did surely he and Sparrow would have been killed or slaving in some cave somewhere. A far cry from where he once was. Killing the Leggets and the final battle when Sparrow was replaced by some one else. When found in the sewers Kreel should have known it was just too easy to be found miraculously by the one person in the city they were looking for. Kreel vowed he would not let that happen again.
Kreel had been concerned about one look the Queen gave him. In speaking with her highness he spoke about his glade and The Duchess. For just a moment, he got a look, a grim look. The Queens features softened again and Kreel was asked how is the Dutchess and commended him on taking care of her forest on the frontier. Kreel responded that the Dutchess is healthy and protected. Kreel did say that he didn’t always understand the Dutchess’ instructions all the time. The Dutchess would give orders for her charges to enter into dangerous territories and take what would seem unnecessary risks. Kreel had always believed that the risks must be necessary otherwise why would the Dutchess give dangerous orders. When Kreel set out to meet with the dwarves the Dutchess and sent him along a route that left him exposed over the plains and through mountain terrain that just isn’t his strong suit. This is why Kreel was captured in the first place. Kreel should have followed his instincts but the Dutchess said the mountain trail was the correct one. While captive Kreel was sure he must have missed the trail but he was an excellent tracker but there was no trail. Kreel was had to put his attention to not travelling the terrain being capture by orcs was quite easy. Thank goodness the Queen’s Emmissaries arrived when they did. Sparrow and Kreel would have either been dead or slaves somewhere by now. Kreel realized he was not paying attention to the Queen and forgot about the scary experience for now.
The Queen asked that she receive regular reports from him about the Dutchess and forest he protects. Because is slightly disconnected he cannot whisper to the trees there. One other thing, “Kreel, it is crucial that this be just our little secret. Do not inform The Dutchess that you are my personal messenger.”
Her personal messenger! How exciting was that! The Queen said "I see you have an Icebow. Would you like to learn how to use it? It is a fine, fine weapon. I will have one of our Elven Raider’s teach you how to use it. Have you thought about specializing. Speak to Thrall, he will teach you to use the Icebow. He is one of my finest Elven Raiders. One more thing Kreel, I am concerned about your next mission. Your friends are brave and stong but I need an Elf in charge of this mission. I cannot speak to the trees in the south. The jungle is filled with so much danger. Do NOT go to the cities at all costs. Evil dwells there, demons that have been living there undisturbed. Find out if you can what became of the last expedition that I sent. But, you must lead them Kreel, this is my forest that I cannot whisper to, I know I can trust you. If you are successful the Shadow will not be able to concentrate their attact once the Jungles are returned to my control.
Kreel found Thrall. Obviously, the Queen had told him to expect him. Though strong Kreel couldn’t have expected the power required to fire the Icebow. The Icebow, what a weapon! Once Kreel could use it without injuring himself, or anyone else he could feel the power. He released another arrow, it sprung to life. The impact into his targets showed that his strenght was transferred and augmented the damage he could do to the Shadow.
Thrall had questions, lots of questions about his abilities and has impressed that he had devoted his skilll to the bow. Thrall said “you are good with the bow, how would you like to be even better, the ultimate protectorate with a bow. Become an Elven Raider, I can teach you.” The Queen had chosen you and do not take that lightly. She must see great potential.
Kreel looked at Thrall intently, “Do you know what lies in the Jungle to the south?” My companions and I head there next. The Whisper does not work there, the Queen cannot communicate with the trees. Thrall face turned grave, the Queen’s look was intense, Thrall’s intense gaze bore through him. “Kreel, the Jungle is a dangerous place, do not let you guard down. Evil lives there and not just the Shadow. Demons who are ancient live there. They have lived in wait for those foolish enough to enter their domain. They eagerly serve the Shadow and their own twisted agendas.” Thrall spend the remainder of their time together teaching everything he knew of the Jungle. It was an excellent chance to learn about such a dangerous area.
Finally, Thrall said" I hope you give serious consideration to become an Elven Raider. There are so many skills that you can learn. Not every bowist can become an Elven Raider. You would have unique distinction. You are a Wildlander which affords you many skill, this will allow you to serve her majesty with even more distinction.
That night while Kreel was by himself he realized just how much he had learned in such a short time. He knew something about the jungle to the south, was proficient in Icebow, serving as the Queen’s leader in an important mission against the Shadow and has become an Elven Raider.


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