An Elf Bard possessing great hope.


Mahogin tended to the needs of those Elves who went mad inside the Darkening Wood. Though Mahogin is a poor warrior and overly trusting, he is nonetheless a stalwart defender of Elvenkind. Determined to discover the root of the Darkening Wood, Mahogin sought Aelgar the former champion and Whisper Adept who sat upon the Council of the Throne.

With the help of the Heroes, Mahogin was able to complete a ritual spell in song form that shook Aelgar from his despair and helped in shattering the black crystal that entombed his Son.

A tragic figure, Mahogin’s attempt to save Aelgar led to his own destruction. By forces unknown, Mahogin and Aelgar were attacked by night en route back to Caradul. Once killed, they became Fell and were subsequently under the thrall of the Cadaverous Eye. Mahogin, once an ally, was slain at Camp Blackshard by the Heroes.



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