The Master in Grey

A mysterious figure working behind the scenes.


The Master in Grey is a mysterious figure haunting the Heroes. It is known that he sent secret orders to Camp Blackshard, insisting that the necromatic conflux be protected at all costs.

The Heroes destroyed the Necromatic Conflux when saving Aelgar’s son, thus bringing the long lost light back to the Darkening Wood.

The Heroes were repaid for this insult by a team of determined, loyal and fearsome Orc troopers. The battle on the first night of the New Year was a dreadful one, yet the Heroes survived. Tracking an Orc and Goblin to their camp, the Heroes gained valuable information from the Orc prior to his execution.

The Orc knew little of the Master in Grey, but he feared and loved him more than Izrador. What’s more, the Orc insisted that the Master in Grey had been watching the party since their first days at Kurgun Falls. Lastly, the Master in Grey is said to be preparing for his final ascension. What this ascension entails is unknown, but the Orc prisoner was certain that his Master would eclipse even Izrador in power, come the day!


The Master in Grey

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