The Hope of Erethor

The First Knights of the Last Age


Hearing the dreaded news that the true heir of Erenland has been raised as a Legate, the Heroes of Erethor began to plan for a nearly impossible task. Rumour had it that the true heir had left his cloister in the North and been sent south to Hallisport to partake in a ritual tied to the Blood Mirror of that city.

Knowing that the Blood Mirror’s 100 mile radius would act to dampen or dispel the magic at the Heroes’ command, they had to plan for the worst.

With the help of Kalil Al-Asham, the heroes heard of a failing resistance movement still at work within Hallisport. The leader of the group, a young woman named Shadowflame, would be at the tavern near the edge of the docks. Knowing that demihumans would be killed on sight, Sparrow disguised himself as a human child to sneak into the city. Fearing for their friend, Jeromah posed as a slaver and brought Kendra and Alia into the city in chains. The presence of a female elf shocked the guards at the gate, awestruck by what they assumed was an “escaped sacrifice”. Still, they allowed Jeromah’s party by, but sped off to alert their superiors of the strange sighting. Kendra and Alias made a quick costume change, then headed into the tavern. It wasn’t long before Shadowflame inferred that these visitors’ timing was highly suspect. Risking much, Shadowflame led the Heroes of Erethor into the city sewers and aided them in gathering information.

From her and her four remaining comrades, the Heroes learned the name of the True Heir: Thelion. They learned also that it was rumoured he had become romantically entangled with an female elf prisoner who was scheduled to be sacrificed. After days of gathering further information, the Heroes surmised that the Elf female, Antiquilenae was a double agent, a willing servant of Izrador who was grooming Thelion to be the very sacrifice he feared that his beloved one was destined to become!

Seeing no reason to wait for the ritual sacrifice, the Heroes attacked the temple of Izrador at noon with four days remaining before the ritual was to begin. Prior to this bold daylight assault, they had asked Shadowflame to cause as much trouble as she and her comrades could, throwing gold coins at pirates, spending money on free liquor, setting fires and stoking turf-wars among the pirates. It wasn’t long before the wharf was nearly set ablaze, thus distracting the city guards.

Attacking at midday, the heroes struck when the servants of the Shadow were at their weakest, having spent long hours in ritual at Midnight for the past several days. With powerful arrows from the bow of Kreel, powerful spells from Lars Urs, and a courageous charge from Kenda, they Heroes of Erethor succeeded in slaying four great warriors of Izrador and killing one legate, the Heroes felt nearly invulnerable until the remaining cleric destroyed Kendra with a single utterance. The spell destroyed her body completely, leaving only her equipment as remnant. The remaining heroes dispatched the Cleric then sought for Thelion in the hospital below the temple. There they witnessed him comforting a manacled Antiquilenae. When she saw the demi-humans creep around the corner, she nearly screamed, but Sparrow’s covenant item, Silence, was too quick, casting the entire area in a soundless dome. Motioning Thelion beyond the spell’s radius, the heroes explained that he was the True Heir to the throne of Erenland.

To their relief, Thelion was already a Pale Legate, and as a man deeply in love with an Elf damsel, he was not one to wish to carry on as a servant of Izrador. The Heroes placed the crown onto Thelion’s brow at which point he fell into unconsciousness. Sparrow knocked Antiquilenae unconscious as well as the Heroes fled the city toward the Griffon Mounts, escaping the dark city of the South.

Back at the astrologer’s observatory, Thelion awoke, but he was not himself. His eyes were wholly purple and his voice was resonant and stirring. “We are Thelion-Shandris” he said, “The amber has been broken. Who among you would serve the king?”
Jeromah stepped forward, bending his knee to the king, but in an instant, Thelion-Shandris spoke, “No. No knight of our land will ever bend knee to a tyrant again. Stand and be knighted. Hold the Crown of the People. You are the First Knight of the Last Age” and so with each of the Heroes the same expression was made. When told of Kendra’s Sacrifice, Thelion-Shandris summoned his divine power and resurrected her from the dead, then knighted her for her courage. “We shall retake Hallisport and make it our capital. From the South, we strike North!”



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