Darkening Wood

A large swath of Erethor is known as the Darkening Wood. It is an area where the Whisper cannot be heard by Aradil or any of the Whisper Adepts.

The Heroes were sent to the Darkening Wood to discover what lay at its source. Although not conclusive, the Heroes determined that Aelgar a powerful Whisper Adept became a victim of a ritual spell in which his grief was magnified by a necromatic conflux in the heart of the Darkening Wood. Within that conflux was a black crystal and there, the animated corpse of his son played his lyre. Aelgar sang and grieved endlessly, perhaps corrupting the Whisper and turning the Wood against Aradil.

Currently, the Darkening Wood’s gloom is beginning to lift, though the Whisper is still not perfectly attuned with the rest of Erethor. Yet one Whisper that was heard stated, “We are now a Brightening Wood” – the reach of this emerging power is as yet unknown. The fate of Aelgar is also unknown. His son’s fate too is a mystery. Aelgar carried off the body and disappeared into the thinning mists of the wood.

The Heroes, with the help of Mahogin were responsible for this turn of events.

Darkening Wood

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