To Maelzon from the Master in Grey

Brother Maelzon,

Hail to you, protector of the Black Shard and hail to Lord Sunulael! His ascension nears!

Though you have laboured long in obscurity, surrounded by fools and away from your brethren, think this not a banishment, but an honour. You have hidden our work from all and given the Eye’s Master the time and secrecy required to bring his task nearly to fruition. No one may yet know of your sacrifice, but soon, when the South burns and the swamps are thick with sinew, then the day of triumph will have come and your name will be on the lips of the Devout! Savour the promised, piteous cries of woe from our enemies when we best them in Izrador’s eyes and show that we are truly his best servants! What black mockery will follow!

I say this to you with certainty and with vigour; you will not let the Black Shard crack. It must remain in tact and the Gloomlander under our thrall. This minor, necromantic conflux provides us with a power far greater than anyone could surmise. So long as the forest’s light is ensorcelled in fog, the Whisper is mute and our secret remains ours alone.

Grial moves. The Elves weep. The South will fall and at the end, the utter end of all things, we will sweep in and rule!

In the divine fellowship of the Skull’s crown I remain,
The Master in Grey

To Maelzon from the Master in Grey

The Hope of Erethor Sulaco